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Nesbitt Ethics Problems Surface Again

I have blogged about this before (see end of current post for links), and Buncombe Senator Martin Nesbitt has revealed that he has been the target of an ethics probe by the state auditors office:

RALEIGH --A state senator from Asheville, his son's Hooter's Pro Cup racing team and Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina are at the center of a dispute over who has the right to police the state ethics laws.

The case surrounding Sen. Martin Nesbitt, an Asheville Democrat, has led to a bill that would prohibit the state auditor from investigating the recently overhauled ethics statutes.

“The Nesbitt case illustrates the danger of the misapplication of a complicated law,” said Perry Newson, executive director of the state ethics commission.

Nesbitt waived confidentiality and allowed Newson to discuss the case.

State Auditor Les Merritt, a Republican, released a report Tuesday in which he explains why he believes Nesbitt should have disclosed on ethics filings that he worked with his son's racing team. Nesbitt was an unpaid crew chief.

Merritt's report came several months after the state ethics commission advised Nesbitt he did not need to disclose his involvement with the racing team on his ethics form, an opinion they reiterated after Merritt began his probe.

Until recently, the team was sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield, the state's largest insurer. The General Assembly frequently deals with legislation affecting the health care industry and insurers.

Source: Charlotte Observer
Related: State Auditor Report [PDF File]


I would like to point out that the North Carolina State Ethics Commission was created in the wake of corruption scandals involving many elected and appointed state officials, most notably the NC Speaker of the House Jim Black, is composed of members appointed by the Gov. Mike Easley (Democrat), Speaker Joe Hackney (Democrat) and President Pro Tempore Marc Basnight (Democrat).

There is a turf battle ongoing to decide who investigates ethics violations, members appointed by the ruling political party, or the elected state auditor.

We have seen the results of the Governor and his friends in Raleigh who have blocked every attempt at investigating corruption in North Carolina government, with a breakthrough only achieved by the Feds, then the state charges followed.

Just as with Jim Black, there were whispers of misdeeds for years...and the state would not act. The same allegations have floated around about Martin Nesbitt for years also. And now Blue Cross Blue Shield has withdrawn their sponsorship of the racing team that was at the center of the controversy.


North Carolina Conservative Disavows Indictment

BREAKING-- NC Senator Nesbitt To Be Indicted?

More on Corruption in North Carolina Politics


Questions for democrats:

Your party has controlled NC for over 100 years. HOW did the original party of SLAVERY become so dominant AND corrupt during this time of citizen oppression?

WHY do your 'leaders' now seek to obstruct and/or 'fire' our trusted Republican state auditor, Les Merritt BECAUSE he has been doing a great job shining the light on you guys?

HOW MANY CORRUPT democrats FROM/IN North Carolina have served, or ARE serving JAILTIME??? Can YOU name all of them?

WHY does the longest 'serving' WNC elected official, Martin Nesbitt shun public questions and scrutiny? HOW was he allowed to 'serve' on state health committees when taking $$$ from BCBS?

WHY does the ORIGINAL 'party' of SLAVERY still use racism so frequently, as they take minorities completely for granted and useage?

WHY do so many clueless people continue to vote for socialist democrats? (Oh, the ones not paying income taxes?, ok)

WHY does one have to submit to 'democrat' voter registration in order to get a state or county job in NC? WHO is YOUR 'KEY' democrat???

The once great state of NC has been COMPLETELY CORRUPTED by the so called democrat 'leaders' since the days of the vile James B. Hunt, whose finger pointing and grunting still mesmorize the Rawleigh feeders. Oh, how they love Jim Hunt, the FATHER of corruption, and his son Mike Sleazely. Two bigger NC crooks have yet to exist, unless you consider Lyndo Tippett and JIM BLACK!!!
Are YOU PEOPLE going to elect their daughter and sister of CORRUPTION, Beverly Perdue to continue the CORRUPTION WITHOUT INTERRUPTION in NC???
STRIVE to be SMARTER than a NC democrat!!!

Oh yeah, and ENJOY the gasoline prices that you democrats have successfully brought us in America! When you hear somebody complain about gas prices, simply ask them if they are a democrat...then thank them!

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