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BREAKING--NC Senator Nesbitt To Be Indicted?

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Apparently, this story is in the early breaking stages, although former NC Senator RL Clark has warned us of it for over a year. I received it in my email, and the story is not posted at North Carolina Conservative yet, so I'll post an excerpt, and then the link to the full story once it becomes available.

Raleigh, NC -- North Carolina's Democratic State Senator Martin Nesbitt may soon be indicted on Federal racketeering and money laundering charges from his repeated funneling of state budget funds through the statewide Blue Cross/Blue Shield non-profit organization, while the company sponsored the
personal investments of the State Senator and members of his immediate family.

According to highly placed anonymous sources, the investigation from the U.S. Department of Justice could be made public in the coming days as undercover operations are concluded. It is unknown whether this investigation has any correspondence to the earlier Federal investigation undertaken to uncover corruption inside the North Carolina State House.

Senator Nesbitt could not be reached for comment but a spokesperson stated, "The Senator will deny all charges."

Officers of Blue Cross have stated that they are not aware of any wrongdoing, and only responded to Senator Nesbitt's request for sponsorship funds totaling millions of dollars because the Senator worked on behalf of the company in securing state funding for its operations budget.

Apparently, tax dollars intended to supply health care needs for children and other vulnerable populations were siphoned off in a scheme to underwrite the racing business of Senator Nesbitt. While officials are hesitant to release any documents at this time showing the connection between the two,
other former Senators have noted and forwarded materials to the press over several years, with little or no action taken against Senator Nesbitt to date.

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For More Info Soon: North Carolina Conservative
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**Update** Monday, July 9th at 10.43am
Thanks to all who forwarded the following to me...

At this point in time, the email I forwarded that was attributed to the NC Conservative should be treated as rumor and nothing more, as the newspaper has not published this report, and has not yet been able to confirm the report (which had been forwarded to them, as well.)This report has appeared on several blogs and emails, and is written as a newspaper report. However, until and unless we are able to hear from the Justice Department that the report is factual, the allegations are nothing more than conjecture.I would encourage those that forwarded the report to me, and those that forwarded the report I sent out, to inform your email list that the report is, at this time, not supported with any evidence of its validity.


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