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Try the Good Ol’ Boy Network
By Ann Ryder

Last week I had a call telling me that the Wake senator, Janet Cowell, had a conflict of interest. She works for Fountainworks, a market research and policy consulting firm, whose clients include DHHS and other state agencies, and she serves on the Legislative Oversight Committee on MH/DD/SAS (mental health is under DHHS). Chairing the committee are Senator Martin Nesbitt and Representative Verla Insko. Serving as a consultant to the committee is Larry Thompson, head of Blue Ridge Area Authority for more than 20 years. One wonders if Fountainworks gets its name from disgraced former Senator Fountain Odum? This writer has found no evidence of such, but political circles are very small. Fountain's wife, Carmen Hooker Odum is in charge of our state's mental health operations.

It sounded interesting, especially since Thompson and his gang are currently under investigation by Auditor Les Merritt. And talk about conflicts of interest!…Nesbitt’s racing team is sponsored by Blue Cross-Blue Shield and he votes on matters concerning them. The mental health reform, which is an absolute disaster, was sponsored by Senator Steve Metcalf who resigned his senate seat under a cloud. Metcalf was a partner in the company that played a major part in the reform, MGT of America. It smelled already…and I was just getting started. (Aside #1…were you aware that while the state is shutting down our psychiatric hospitals, it is increasing the bed space in prison psycho wards?…half the cost would be my guesstimate.) (Aside #2...During the rally to honor John Rhodes at A-B Tech last Saturday evening, Chad Nesbitt, Martin Nesbitt’s stepson, told the audience that when his mother first heard of Jim Black’s plea of guilt, she said, “Ohmygod, is Martin next?”)

North Carolina Conservative

Indeed, it is my belief that former Democratic House Speaker Jim Black will serve as the key-log that will break the log jam.

Hey North Carolina . . .

Wanna BUY an old obsolete nuclear power plant? YES? OK, then, just VOTE for Obama.

The nuke industry is planning to build 29 new nukes. ONE in North Carolina.

(See Map at NY Times LINK: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/31/washington/31nuclear.html?_r=1&oref=slogin )

Excelon Corp, (largest nuke operator on the planet) headquartered in Illinois, has been one of Obama’s largest contributors ever since he first ran for office.

Obama voted FOR the Cheney Energy Bill of 2005 (H.R. 6) - which ENABLED the nuke industry to start planning to build nukes. (No new nukes have been built for the past 30 years because the banks would not loan the money - too risky.)

The Cheney Energy Bill solved that problem for them by GUARANTEEING Taxpayer PAYBACK of any of the nukes loans that default (The Congressional Budget Office rated the risk of default on the nuke loans at 50% or greater).

Here’s the kicker: Obama has been getting BILLIONS of Dollars worth of FREE Sales PROMOTION -Campaign HELP- From: NBC & MSNBC, and CBS … because GE owns NBC/MSNBC and Westinghouse owns CBS.

(If you check on the NY Times MAP you will see that GE & Westinghouse are planning to build the reactors at most of the planned nuke sites.)

That’s the reason WHY the media has been rabidly PUSHING to SELL you an Obama & slamming and smearing the Clintons

COPY & PASTE and Pass the Word to everybody on your email list and to any blogs, TV, Radio, newspapers you can.

p.s. McCain is pro-nuke too & voted FOR the Cheney energy bill.


We Need NEW Clean Renewable CHEAPER DE-Centralized, off the Grid, NON-Monopoly energy.

I am pro-nuclear energy myself.

Why don't you find RECENT post to comment on...no one reads the old ones. I only do when I get an email from Blogger telling me someone has commented on them.

If Obama is pro-nuclear...good for him!!!

We need nuclear power plants in every county in the nation so that electricity would be very cheap.

Off grid power generation is very expensive, contrary to what your Communist friends tell you.

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I removed the previous post because it contained a spam link totally unrelated to the commentary. The comment is restored here without the link:

Obama voted for the cheney energy bill of 2005. The nuke industry is planning to build 29 new nukes.

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