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Thunder Pig Blog Flagged By Lefties,
Will Return Better Than Before

I have recently taken a more militant tone when posting about spiritual matters, here, and on Thunder Pig. That decision has gotten Thunder Pig flagged by a number of readers, and I have been blocked from posting there until a human can determine if it is inappropriate or not.

The other blogs under that account are still accessible, so I will use this one as my primary blog until I can get Thunder Pig unblocked, or resurrect it at another URL or on another account. (Yes, I have several).

To those small people who flagged my blog...your petty behavior only serves to let me know that I have made the correct choice in choosing a new path, and a new militancy devoted to exposing the dark underworld of the New Age movement in Asheville, North Carolina...and where ever else I can find it.

I will return to regular posting a little later today, after I have backed up the data posted on Thunder Pig so I will have the option of resurrection at another URL.

I have been saying this all along.
They are the ones that preach peace and love and then hate.

Asheville is anyway you like it as long as it is the way that they like it.

We have created a mini Hell and it will destroy the tourism when it become clear that the goal is to liberalize asheville.

We all can't move to Tennessee. Sometime you must just stand and fight.

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