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Pat McCrory's Most Valuable Character Attribute - Optimism

Pat McCrory presented his plan to improve public safety and reform North Carolina's criminal justice system

July 30, 2008

CRAVEN COUNTY NC NEWS -- Once again, Mayor Pat McCrory, the Republican nominee for governor, has shown his most valuable character attribute - optimism. McCrory seems to always view the cup as half full. Whether it is discussing energy exploration or getting tough on crime, McCrory believes in the abilities of the North Carolina people to rise to the occasion and win.

While continuing his Jobs Tour in North Carolina, Pat McCrory presented his plan to improve public safety and reform North Carolina's criminal justice system at the North Carolina Sheriffs' Association Conference in New Bern located in Craven County, NC. He highlighted many key differences between his record of effective executive leadership and the lieutenant governor's record of supporting a failed status quo for the past eight years.

The Republican nominee governor, Mayor Pat McCrory said:

"When it comes to fighting crime, I've been on the front lines for the past 12 years while the lieutenant governor has turned a blind eye to the problems. I've seen county jails overflowing with people sleeping on floors, gangs infiltrating our schools and illegal aliens filling our jails. I've seen our state judges and district attorneys work out of cardboard boxes and I've seen our state mental health patients transferred to local jails. When I led a bipartisan group of mayors and law enforcement officials to Raleigh to work on solutions to these problems, the lieutenant governor was nowhere to be seen. Now she's ‘forming a plan' that's ‘emerging and changing' that calls for another government commission to meet in Raleigh and talk about the problems. Where has Lt. Governor Perdue been for the past eight years?

"Now that she is campaigning for governor, Perdue is drafting a plan that should have been written eight years ago. North Carolina needs a governor who cares about public safety even when it's not an election year. We need action and effective executive leadership."

As Mayor of Charlotte, McCrory responded to an inadequate state criminal justice system by...

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