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Mumpower - Shuler Has Betrayed His District for His Party


11th District Representative Heath Shuler's accommodation of his party's position on two key issues has drawn fire from his Republican challenger, Carl Mumpower. Shuler has taken a public stance against opening up domestic drilling opportunities, and supported Wednesday's 213-212 House recess call that was successful by a one vote margin. Mumpower has raised concerns that the current state of crisis in fuel costs calls for stronger Congressional action than "a summer vacation".

"Representative Shuler's vote could have kept Congress in session and at least left the door open for movement on energy," said Mumpower. "Instead, everything but the price of gas is on hold as the Democrat controlled Congress continues to side-step Republican efforts to move us toward energy solutions. In both cases, my opponent fell into line behind Nancy Pelosi and the environmental lobby - partners in kidnapping our country's energy policy."

"My party had the reins for years and sat still while the clock ticked toward our current energy crisis," said Mumpower. "I am proud of them for getting back on track today with a push for 'all of the above' energy action over the Democrat's 'make a wish' energy fantasies. The Republican plan opens the door to drilling our best oil resources; incentives for sound alternative energy; maximizing efficiencies with our abundant fossil fuel reserves; responsible conservation; rethinking nuclear; and reaching for the sun - a resource many believe will be our eventual energy savior. Folks are having trouble paying for gas now. That pain will increase with the dramatically higher costs of home heating this fall."

The President of the United States has the Constitutional power to reconvene either or both houses of Congress under 'extraordinary occasions'. Mumpower would like to see the President exercise his Executive powers and pull Congress back to Capitol Hill with a call for action on energy - "That reality check for Congress would be just a little taste of what ordinary people are getting hit with every time they fill up their tank."

Carl Mumpower
11th District Republican Congressional Candidate

Principles first - always.

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