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Pagans Celebrate Lammas Under the Magnolia Tree

From a local lefty blog:

Lamas -Celebration o the first grain harvest.

“We thought ya’ll might need some spiritual reinforcement,” said one of two tall and thin men, weathered and worn, with guitars on their back, as they walked up to the Magnolia Friday afternoon. “You’re fighting the good fight,” one said as they launched into some really fine music. As they strummed, a Monarch butterfly made a pass through the circle of folks under the Magnolia shade.

Source: Asheville on the Ground

From Beliefnet (at least they spelled it right):

Lammas, also known Lughnasadh, is a celebration of the fruits of the first harvest of all grains, fruits, and vegetables. It is one of the cross-quarter sabbats and is the first of the three harvest celebrations of the Pagan calendar year. Throughout history, Pagan worshippers in Ireland, Britain, and Europe have celebrated their bountiful harvests on this day and offered prayers and sacrifices for the success of future crops. Since many fruits, vegetables, and grains today are available to us year-round, it is thought that this celebration is somewhat overlooked. Celebrated on August 1, the holiday still resonates with many around the world as it marks the end of summer and the welcoming of autumn.

Lughnasadh is another known name for the holiday. The name Lughnasadh originates from the Celtic god Lugh (also known as Lugus), whose name means "bright and shining one." Legend has it that the holiday was a recognition of the games and ceremonies that Lugh began in homage to his deceased mother, Tailtiu. These ceremonial games took place in Ireland, Britain, and other countries in Europe. Many Pagan worshippers around the world today still play games in celebration of the holiday.

Source: Beliefnet


Do not let yourselves be deceived...this battle is a spiritual battle with the forces of darkness that have laid claim to Asheville, NC where you can have it "Any Way You Like It".

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You are so right TP. It's a cultural and spiritual warfare.

Anti anything, and everything that supports Christianity and Western Civilization. As one poster put on AshVegas, "The Christians are really coming on strong these days, someone needs to knock em back a notch or two."

The ignorance of this idiot is astounding. If it hadn't of been for Christianity he wouldn't have the freedoms and liberties he is enjoying now.


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