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McCrory Exposes Perdue's Out-of-State PAC

Exposes a money trail leading from the Democratic National Party to Perdue in efforts to control our state gubernatorial election.

NC GENERAL ELECTION NEWS -- A Washington-based 527 tax exempt group known as the Alliance for North Carolina has acted as an NC Political Action Committee (PAC) in support Lt. Gov. Bev Perdue for governor. According to the McCrory campaign, the PAC has launched more than $300,000 worth of negative television ads confusing Pat McCrory's position on the minimum wage and pay raises for politicians. The TV ad did manage to get, "Pat McCrory opposes free community college tuition for high-school graduates," right.

The negative Television Ad states as broadcast on North Carolina media:

"Will Pat McCrory's economic policies move North Carolina forward? Pat McCrory opposes raising the minimum wage for North Carolina workers. But McCrory supports pay raises for politicians, including himself. And Pat McCrory opposes free community college tuition for high-school graduates. Call Pat McCrory at 704-336-2241 and tell him North Carolina needs higher wages, free tuition at community colleges and no more perks for politicians."

Furthermore, Alliance for North Carolina launched the negative television ads before filing as a PAC in North Carolina. The pro Perdue PAC filed financial disclosure after the Pat McCrory campaign exposed the third party PAC.

Under NCGS 163-278.12 and 2008-2009 Campaign Finance Manual, North Carolina law states any political committee (PAC) that makes contributions or independent expenditures that affect contests for statewide office and that cumulatively are in excess of $5,000 for the election cycle must file electronically with the Campaign Finance Office of the State Board of Elections. Additionally, any expenditure over $100.00 must be reported within 30 days after the expenditures affect.

Amy Auth, communications director for Republican nominee Pat McCrory said:

"North Carolina law mandates that third party political organizations that run ads must file a detailed report with the State Board of Elections within 24 hours of airing an ad. Yet this secret 527 group has launched over $300,000 worth of negative television ads without disclosing any information whatsoever. This is the latest example of the culture of corruption and secrecy that Raleigh politicians like the lieutenant governor are a part of. Pat is running for governor to change that culture."

Ms. Auth was also kind enough to list the Television Ad's discrepancies by category with reference:

Pat McCrory on minimum wage:

North Carolina newspaper, Citizen-Times quote: “McCrory said he probably would oppose an increase on the grounds that it could eliminate jobs.”

NFIB Questionnaire (Small business anti minimum wage organization), 7/16/08: Do you favor increasing the minimum wage? McCrory checked the yes box and added, "Any onetime minimum wage increase should be coupled with a tax cut to small business to help offset additional costs. I would also back an alternative such as adjusting minimum wage to the cost of living."

Therefore, Pat McCrory supports increasing the minimum wage under conditions to protect jobs.

Pat McCrory on City Council Pay Raises:

Pay increases for Charlotte's City Council does not include a vote by Mayor McCrory. Therefore, the statement has no specific value.

Pat McCrory on Free Community College:

True, Pat McCrory opposes free community college tuition for all high school graduates. But, according to Auth, Bev Perdue has supported huge community college tuition increases, and has wrote a budget with a 34 percent tuition increase for community colleges. (H168, 1999) On other occasions, she voted to increase tuition by 15 percent (H1340, 1992), 30 percent (H83, 1991) and 16.6 percent (S1426, 1990). Perdue has never voted to reduce community college tuition and has voted to increase tuition every time it came before the Senate.

There is more to this news story than just typical political backstabbing. This PAC issue describes the continuing problem of campaign finance on a national level. It exposes a money trail leading from the Democratic National Party into state election campaigns, showing that party's efforts to control our state election. This 527 group, Alliance for North Carolina is not an organization of North Carolinians, they are Washington DC political consultants using American citizens' union dues to manipulate state election outcomes.

So, why does Lt. Governor Bev Perdue need out-of-state help to win this gubernatorial election? Obviously, she is unable to face McCrory at the podium in intelligent public debate over issues affecting the people of North Carolina (us).

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