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Democrats Rush to the Exit


A slim majority of House members decided that a five week recess was in order following a 213-212 vote held earlier today. NC 11th District Representative Heath Shuler was among those who voted for the recess. Seventeen Democrats sided with the Republican minority in calling for continuing the session until action was completed on energy and other pressing matters.

Shuler's opponent, Republican Carl Mumpower, challenges the timing and purpose of the recess. "This kind of action illustrates why this Congress has earned a 14 percent approval rating with the American people," says Mumpower. "Their pattern of gridlock with real problems like our energy costs and out of control Federal spending continues to chop away at the 'American Dream'. Just one vote, from Shuler, would have kept Congress in session and forced them to keep working like most of the rest of us are."

"My opponent describes himself as a "Blue Dog" Democrat - a title referencing independent conservative values," notes Mumpower. "Yet the Washington Post says that Shuler has voted with his Democrat colleagues 86.4 percent of the time. This time his vote was crucial and invested in the wrong direction. A quick review of my opponents voting history will demonstrate that it is one thing for an obligated politician to promise independence, still another to stand and deliver."

Carl Mumpower
11th District Republican Congressional Candidate

Principles first - always.


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I wonder how many people will complain about the President's absence from Washington...yet will forget that the Dems have voted to leave town for the month of August.

As long as I can remember, Congress has adjourned for the month of August, and the President has also left town for that same month. At least since Carter's time, this has been going on.

I like to refer to it as the French Vacation, because virtually the whole upper classes of the French decamp from the cities to the countryside or beaches for the whole month, or a very large portion of it.

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