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Yet Another Madison County & Boss Leake Scandal by Ann Ryder

Guest Commentary

Yet Another Madison County & Boss Leake Scandal

By Ann Ryder

Wow! Did you notice how quickly the Asheville Citizen Times (ACT) took down the news item on their website regarding the federal indictment of the folks slated to design and build the proposed new jail for Madison County? Mail fraud and conspiracy to make illegal contributions to the governor of Mississippi. You can get the story at newsrecordandsentinel.com. ([Story] [Archived] TP)

The company, The Facility Group is headquartered in Georgia and I poked around a bit and conclude that they have a history of knowing how to do business with corrupt public officials. Is it a big surprise that our very own Gordon Myers sits on their board of directors? You can also checkout coastal viewpoint.com to see what I mean. I got the following from the blogster Monomorphic, 4/1/08:

“ When I worked there in the Marketing Department my cube was right next to Robert Moultrie’s [one of the indicted] office. It was always a running joke that money was being passes underhandedly in envelopes. Their Business Development people wine and dine political officials at every opportunity they get…especially political officials from small municipalities that don’t know any better and have their first really big project to build. There were a couple of instances where the VPs would tell me that public projects that hadn’t been bid yet were ‘in the bag’. And what about that $115 million jail out in Chatham that they pulled out from under the highest ranking firms? That was the shadiest project I’ve ever been involved in. Somehow even after the project was awarded to another firm they managed to get one last interview. At the interview they brought in the Sheriff and the selection committee asked him whom he wanted. He said TFG [The Facility Group] and the selection committee went with what he said. I always wondered if the Sheriff was bribed. It was quite the coup to get that project unawarded and steal it away from the higher ranked firm. Methinks there will be a very large magnifying glass over all the public projects The Facility Group has won over the years.”

A very brief glance at their campaign contributions shows generous donations from executives of the company, as well as employees. Two recipients jumped right out at me, Jim Hunt for $4,000, and Dennis
Wicker for $2,000. It is my opinion, now that Larry Leake, Chair of the State Board of Elections, is involved, further gifts of this sort will not show up on the books.

Leake is also Boss of Madison County. He selects who has county/state jobs, who gets the desired zoning/building permits, what firms are awarded county projects…he decides everything that goes on in the county. I’m thinking that the feds are getting closer now, considering all the drugs and gambling stuff, the mental health fiasco, contract irregularities, voting fraud, etc., etc., etc. Who is the ultimate target(s)…hmm?

Is it any wonder that the ACT jerked this from their website? The Facility Group has done work for both Gannett and Ingle's (BIG advertiser and don’t forget that Gordon Myers is best buds with Bob Ingle). Thank goodness The News Record and Sentinel had already printed and distributed its newspaper, or we’d never have heard of this mess.

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Addended Leake story by Ann Ryder

A little addendum to the last entry re The Facility Group (Georgia-based company with principal executives under federal indictment for bribery and mail fraud in Mississippi -the company that has Gordon Myers (lottery) has a director - the company that Larry Leake selected to build the jail complex in Madison County).

Further research shows that Myers is registered as Lobbyist for The Facility Group. He is also lobbyist for Bromont Group, Inc., the Arizona firm that's developing the Village at Lake Norman, a huge project in Cornelius. It calls for a new interchange on I-77. Myers, a former DOT board member, no doubt knows how to get 'er done.

Checking into the Governor's role, if, hopefully not, any.

**********END OF COMMENTARY***********

RB suggested that it would be apropos to add a video of Judge Level speaking in Madison County, so here it is:


Please change Dennis Winner to Dennis Wicker.


Maybe its a good time to re-post the clip of Judge Level calling Senator Joe Sam Queen out a few weeks ago!!

Great Job,


Will do...thanks for the suggestion!

Ann, how can I email you?


Ann Ryder, how can I email you information regarding the Facility Group?

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