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Times-News Reports:
Mumpower Upset About Debate

Carl Mumpower plans to stay home. The Republican 11th Congressional District candidate recently got into an argument about rules for a debate in Flat Rock, which is scheduled for April 10. Mumpower voiced concerns about rules that were established to limit the size of promotional material at the event. The Times-News was forwarded a chain of emails between Mumpower and the moderator of the debate.

Source: Hendersonville Times-News


I admit that my knowledge of the debates, but I believe if Dr. Mumpower doesn't participate, it'll be the first debate this cycle in which one of the three has not participated.

Also Free Republic has caught on to the story. Guess I should check my pings more often!


First, I just might think it would be fine to established the size of promotional material however, I feel their is a much large issue than just of the material that their campaign staff would bring to an event.

I would like to know who is crying about this issue when they are many more pressing issues that they should be debating?

Maybe, just maybe its because we have someone who brings nothing to the table except some copies that were maded at a local drugg store copier?

Or, could it be that limited funds has been recived from the folks in the 11th District?

To cry over this is just shameful, with more serious issues that face us here in Americia.

I demand to know who & why?? Please look into this & let everyone here know.

At this point, I see no more need to have debates after the District Convention.

Richard Bernier

I was reporting what the Times-News said.

The primary purpose of the debates is to set a precedent to force Heath Shuler to debate many times this Campaign Season, and for us to be able to record them

BTW, are you filming the WWNC debate on April 15th?

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