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Blogs Mention Bill Graham's Immigration Plan

Bill Graham has been attracting national attention with his plan for dealing with Illegal Immigration. Part of which I have reproduced below:

1. No driver’s licenses for illegal aliens
2. Require Voter Identification Cards
3. No access to public benefit programs for illegal aliens
4. Employer Sanctions
5. Make English the official language of the State of North Carolina
6. End bilingual education in public schools in favor of English transition and immersion
7. Enhance the ability of local law enforcement to apprehend illegal aliens and enforce immigration laws
8. Outlaw Sanctuary City Status: Charlotte, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, and Winston-Salem

This has been picked up by Redstate, Digger's Realm, NC Voice, Smith Files, and ALIPAC.

The sad thing is that all these measures are common sense. In today's "politically correct" world, these measures are almost considered a hate crime by lefties, globalists, and haters of America.

We need to keep the issue of Illegal Immigration, and the danger it poses to our nation front and center. And be ready for another celebration of the communist holiday by Illegal Aliens and Friends on May Day this year.


I like this. How come we don't hear this from more candidates?

In my opinion, the Legacy Media will only present a story from a conservative perspective if they can make us out to be monsters. (Tom Tancredo 2008, RIP)

If they were to repeat these goals of Bill Graham, on air, and in print in the front pages...the conservatives would gain major support, and the lefty views of the Legacy Media would not get forwarded.

That is why we have built networks of conservative comm nets...to go around the Legacy Media.

We are the the process of tying them all together to advance to the next stage...stand by for more...

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