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Mumpower Stands Firm,
Vindicated on Campaign Signage

I have heard that Carl Mumpower has been vindicated by his stand on the Hendersonville Debate via an email:

Got word that the panel had made a mistake about signage, they were wrong & Mumpower stood on the facts.
I've asked for a comment from the Mumpower Campaign, and I'll update this post when I hear something official.


Times-News Reports:
Mumpower Upset About Debate


Carl Mumpower has not been vindicated. After famously irritating many people in Flat Rock, he has now realized he made a stupid mistake. His appearance at Flat Rock will be very educational, but not the way he thought it would be. For an honest summary of the facts behind this matter, check out today's (April 9) Hendersonville Times-News article, "After spat, Mumpower says he will attend forum".

I for one would ask if the complaint about signage came from a candidate?

This is an election season & signs are a way to get your name out to the people.

I do need the facts on this one.

Richard Bernier


I went to the story which you spoke of in the Hendersonville Newspaper.

Im not seeing what you said & so here is a letter that will explain the facts of this matter better than the story that you pointed out.

Richard Bernier

Read below:


I have received several comments indicating misunderstanding of our approach to handling campaign signage. If so, the error is mine and my responsibility to clarify.

The guidelines sent to candidates with their official invitation to participate in the Village of Flat Rock "Meet the Candidates Issues Forum " encouraged each candidate to bring promotional materials to place on each seat in the auditorium for citizens who attend to take home and study. It failed to state that banners and other large signs are not to be used in the auditorium.

The Village does encourage each candidate to bring signage for use by those who desire to promote their candidacy. We anticipate candidates will make their availability known as a part of their presentations. There is space in the lobby for candidates to place and hand out these larger promotional items. I

In addition candidates are free to place banners and other signage on the grounds approaching the auditorium. It is best for these to be placed within the hour before the forum and removed shortly after the forum ends.

The Village has held many forums over the years and has always handled promotional materials and other signage in this manner.

Terry Hicks

Quote"Mr. Armor pointed out, “The House of Representatives has 435 Members, 428 more than the Asheville City Council. The House works through Committees, and through its leaders. Someone who frequently gets into spats with people around him will be a failure in the House.” In short, Carl Mumpower’s regular behavior disqualifies him from being an effective Member of the House.”

If I were in last place, I would say the same.

David Dick

To David Dick and all,

Your assumption that I am in third place obviously comes from Carl Mumpower's games with early straw polls, which have not held up in later straw polls. This is particularly true after Carl's latest mistake in the debate on the Matt Mittan Show today. I expect that Carl will finish third, and Spence or I will be nominated. The truth is the truth, regardless of who says it.

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