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A Libertarian for Governor and Ballot Access

There is a libertarian running for North Carolina Governor. His name is Mike Munger and he wants your signature so that his name will appear on the ballot in November.

I used to sign every Libertarian and Green Party candidate's petitions for ballot access. I will still sign for Green Party access, but no longer will I sign a petition for Libertarians to have access to the ballot. Here's why: Idiot Ron Paul Supporters and a radio host named Matt Mittan [1] [2] [3] [4].

The first group is a collection of malcontents who are psychologically unable to build a coalition, and hold it together long enough to have a political party that can affect real change in our system. They cannot build a big tent of Liberty because, to put it bluntly, most of them are idiots who have no real knowledge of how to effect a political compromise. So, they try to takeover something they cannot build, like 19 hijackers who took over the controls of aircraft their society could never build. And the end result of their effort will be the same. They are bent on destruction, not construction. They have lost their chance to prove to the Republican Party that they are not sore losers by refusing to accept the nominee of their party...especially since he is closer to libertarianism than the other choices, Obama [an outright Marxist] and Hillary [a closet Marxist].

This is why I coined a new term for them, Progressitarians, because they are lefty libertarians. They claim they are for liberty, but their actions and the candidates they support on the local levels gives lie to their posturing.

Now, view the following video with a new perspective:


Wow, T-Pig! That's pretty rough.

It is an interesting question, though: given that SOME libertarian positions, on low taxes and smaller government, are actually the true conservative positions...how to get those positions actually back in the public mind?

The Republicans don't seem to have it in them. And the Dems....well, like you said.

So, what to do?

I gave up on the Republicans. If they turn back toward conservatism, then okay. But otherwise, the Libertarian alternative is the only one for people who want to vote for small government.

As you can tell, the Paultards have left a bad taste in my mouth. They have proven, for the most part...unwilling to compromise on some positions. We can't all get everything we want. Just look at how the Christian Conservatives have been raped by the party. I see that a coalition between our two factions could be beneficial.

You'll have to work at it.

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