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Gold Shines as America Falters

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Gold Shines as America Falters

The spot price of Gold crossed one thousand dollars per ounce on Thursday. Inflation concerns, a sharp fall in the dollar, and other economic clouds are insuring that gold glitters while the broader economy falters.

"When gold goes up, the rest of us are going down," shared 11th District Republican Congressional candidate Carl Mumpower. "We are witnessing a perfect storm of economic missteps involving government and the business community. Greed and self-service have driven both to evade responsible action and treat our economy like a rigged lottery. The bill is coming due, and I am concerned that the average guy and our grandchildren are going to be handed the check," said Mumpower.

"Congress and the President should be demonstrating restraint, leadership, and accountability," noted Mumpower. "Instead we are getting economic stimulation packages crafted out of more borrowed money, budgets filled with pork, inflationary monetary policy, and big tax increases. The recent borrow and spend polices of my Republican colleagues, persistent tax and spend policies of the Democrats, and obsession by both on trivia over real issues have brought America to a dangerous place."

"The promise of something for nothing has been driving our economy for a long time," said Mumpower. "That is not how the real world works and we are about to have a major test of our national character. I like that place of reason somewhere between denial and pessimism. That place says that, short of a miracle, there are some real bumps up ahead with high gas and food prices being a small tip on a much bigger iceberg. There is a little known word, 'derivative', that is about to catch everyone's attention."


Saying it-meaning it-doing it.


Thank you Dr. Mumpower but be careful you are starting to sound like Ron Paul and you know "real" conservatives won't vote for him.

It may surprise you to find out that most conservatives agree with most of Ron Paul's positions. The biggest disagreement we have with him is over the war effort against Islamofascism.

There are other minor areas I disagree with Congressman Paul, but the war is the deal-breaker for me.
The price of Gold will come down soon enough.

"Islamofascism" is a nebulous term not realy applicable to the war as the biggest corporate benefacters to the Islamic states Iran,Afghanistan,Pakistan and previously secular Iraq have been "our" U.S. based transnationals.Their interests go beyond American national interests to private financial gain. A much greater threat to Americans is the over-reaching legislation and executive actions making the people potential suspects who must be tracked and surveiled by a MASSIVE "Homeland" security beaurocracy whose biggest goal is self propagation at our expense. All statists have used the threat of an external enemy to expand their power while diminishing the liberties of their populations.I believe China is a far larger threat to this country than Islamic extremism as they are the second largest U.S. debt holder who now posess our manufacturing base sold out by the "free traitors" of both political parties whose internationalist agendas are the same.The Chinese have stated that war with the U.S. is inevitable and now they have the ability to destroy this country's economy without firing a shot. As to the price of gold it only reflects the destruction of the dollar as a store of value as evidenced by the dramatic rise of ALL commodities and other currencies relative to the dollar but this eventuallity was known to the opponents of the Federal Reserve back in 1913.

Islamofascism may be a nebulous term to you because you choose to ignore it.
I have seen Islamofascism in action, and am involved in the struggle against it.
I am a capitalist, not a communist, or anarchist.
If you want to reduce Homeland Security...then you should be for expanding our efforts overseas, because if we withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, we will need security measures in place just like those Israel has. You will have to have armed guards in every business, and along every street.
I have walked the streets in Israel.
The threat from Islamofacsists is real, and I can direct you to their English-language forums if you wish. I can give you videos of them beheading, executing, and torturing people. I am part of a world wide civilian group that monitors their activities, and conducts covert investigations into their activities.
Have you heard of Islamberg? We were the ones who exposed that. We exposed the operations of Hamas in Charlotte, NC. We exposed some of the operations of Jamaat ul-Fuqra in the United States.
Our members in Europe have found closet Muslims in the highest levels of power in the European Union power structure. When the EU goes online in a few years, it will be a Muslim entity.
China is as dependent on us as we are on China. China will not move for a generation...unless we retreat from the international scene. If we show weakness, or a desire to turn inward, they will move. Right now, they are becoming the biggest foreighn employer in Africa.
Take a look at my World War IV page where I link to many of the stories about the current World War. I have a widget or two that you can download to your desktop and keep up in real time to some of these events. If you use Google Reader, you can subscribe to my WWIV Shared page from the WWIV page on West Carolina Report.
There are problems all around us. The domestic ones from our government are handle-able. The militias are well-armed, and won't be wiped out like they were when Bill Clinton hunted them down in the 90's.
You will be surprised at our strength, should we ever have to deploy here to protect the people against a tyranny at home.

Mr. Mumpower's reasoned conclusions to a dismal future, are not news to those of us who had previously reasoned to the same conclusions.
For myself; I enjoy Mr. Mumpower's "Bold" initiatives, and his ability to express his sound reasoning, and; I am in agreement with his portrait of our diminishing conditions....

I am also in agreement with Mr. "Jim Reeves" comments, as, his expressed "objective" reasoning appears void of self serving purpose....

a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control

sounds like what the bush administration is doing. and i think the 'christofascists' are just as guilty as they think the 'islamofascists' are. they're both full of shit. religion is the root of not all but much evil.

Clark said:

"I am also in agreement with Mr. "Jim Reeves" comments, as, his expressed "objective" reasoning appears void of self serving purpose...."

Objectivism is anything but objective. That philosophy is a selfish one.


Fascism is a lefty philosophy very much akin to Socialism, Communism, and Progressivism.
Check out Hitler was a Socialist and this recent article by Daniel Pipes.

Fascism is a philosophy that puts one's nation first, as in protectionist "trade barriers" and isolationist type philosophy as held by both Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul.
And as far as your views on Christianity, your life would be brutish, nasty, and short without Christianity. Without Christianity...Western Civilization would not be possible.

"Objective"(adjective)is not philosophical.., "Objectivism"(noun)is.., one must use care when transposing one's "Philosophy".., if you know what "I" mean....

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