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Carl Mumpower:" I Am Not For Sale"

Responding to mounting pressures from within his own party to change his position on proposed additional immunity for telecommunications companies, 11th District Republican Congressional Candidate Carl Mumpower proclaimed, "I am not for sale," in a Good Friday press release.

"Voters who want someone willing to abandon his principles to artificially support the Republican party need to look elsewhere," said Mumpower. "I am an authentic conservative - I'm not a party hack willing to fall into the line when I'm told to - especially considering how often my party has betrayed its core values in recent years."

"The additional retroactive immunity provisions found in FISA are a con job," said Mumpower. "Yet, normally 'right-thinking' Republicans are sadly just falling 'right-into-line' and in the process, sacrificing their integrity, liberty, and the Constitution for fear-based arguments and the good graces of party leaders."

"This is one of the reasons I will accept only personal campaign contributions and none from unions, PACs, business groups, or even the Republican National Congressional Committee," said Mumpower. "I will serve independently, from a principled position that it is clear and up-front or I will not serve at all. I will not be beholden to special interests or the Republican party structure. I am not for sale."

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You gotta give it to Dr. Mumpower, he has tenacity.

This is a breath of fresh air that is coming out of the mountains of WNC.


His inference seems to be that anyone who supports telecom immunity is a "party hack."

His last press release says that everyone who disagrees with him is "pandering."

I've been reading Mumpower's press releases for months, and impugning the motives of others has been a common theme. That is not the behavior of someone who is genuinely "principled," as he loves to call himself.

I hope someone, especially John Armor, calls him on it in public, and forces him to have an actual debate over the FISA issue instead.

Aside from that, many of the things Mumpower does, such as accepting only individuals' donations, is wonderful. His mentioning those things here, however, only serves to muddy up the FISA issue.

Do a search of the newsgroups, and you'll see that the local Ron Paul folks not only love Mumpower, he has actually went out of his way to curry favor with them. That isn't an automatic dismissal of the ideas of either, mind you, but it does show where he stands in relation to movement conservatives in general - and not merely the "party hacks."


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