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FISA Discussion Reveals Sharp Republican Contrast

Here is the latest volley in the NC-11 GOP primary from Dr. Carl Mumpower:


FISA Discussion Reveals Sharp Republican Contrast
Armor, Campbell and Shuler in political lockstep

Recent heated communications from each of the 11th District congressional campaigns have illuminated a key policy difference among Republicans vying for that seat, finding both John Armor and Spence Campbell in support of legislation that would, in effect, cover-up illegal wiretapping.

Carl Mumpower, a self-proclaimed "independent Republican," opposes a controversial component of the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) which would grant additional retroactive immunity to large telecommunications companies (such as Verizon and AT&T). It has been recently revealed that - without warrants or legal authority - these "telecoms" bugged phone calls, intercepted e-mails, and monitored the internet traffic of untold numbers of American citizens.

"The Democrats - with the exception of Heath and a few others - are right on this one, plain and simple," commented Mumpower. Incumbent Heath Shuler (D-11) is one of only a handful of Democrats to agree with Armor and Campbell in his support of the additional immunity.

Mumpower has held firm in his stand that providing additional immunity to big companies for spying on Americans "dangerously sidesteps the Constitution," even the face of his opponents' various characterizations of his position as "garbage," "irresponsible," and "foolhardy".

"If Congress wants to do something real, they should start by doing financial and performance audits on our intelligence agenies and by securing our porous borders," said Mumpower. "The greatest problem the intelligence community faces is effectively processing and acting on the information they already have. Any additional telecom immunity beyond what they enjoy already is not only a blank check, but a decoy issue that lock-step politicians use to pander to voters' fears."

An excerpt from testimony before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee on October 31, 2007 by Edward Black, President of the Computer & Communications Industry Association, offers information in support of Mumpower's position:

"...Retroactive immunity for participation in the recent secret government surveillance program is premature at best, since this Congress has yet to become well-informed enough to determine whether in fact the NSA surveillance program exceeded legal boundaries established under FISA. If immunity for past activities is granted prior to full disclosure and accountability from the Executive Branch, Congress and the public may never understand the nature of the NSA warrantless wiretapping program."

"If the rule-of-law, limited government, and the truth are not your priorities, then I'm not the guy to vote for," cautioned Mumpower. "I try hard to land on the right thing and hold the line...until the right thing wins or new information helps me to reconsider. This is not a time to surrender to pressure...from my own party or my own supporters."

He continued: "Armchair patriots" who support these new FISA immunities and who are willing to sacrifice the Constitution for illusionary security initiatives are, in fact, enabling our enemies. I will not join the herd just for the sake of doing so, no matter what the personal price."

(For the full transcript of Edward Black's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, click here.)

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I guess that puts me in the armchair general category. It is my opinion that we cannot allow an openly hostile 5th column in our country to openly practice lawfare in pursuit of our defeat in World War IV. Go read the testimony of Edward Black and form your own opinion.


We need more Carl Mumpower(s) in Washington.., unfortunately, the incompetent and ignorant are having their day....

Consider this:
When the powers that "be" want something.., they ask for more and settle for less; the "less" being "their" specific (secreative) intended "target" by design, and; the satisfied (duped) challangers believe they've won.., due to achieving a concession.., that was intentionally designed, to attract, and, be defeated....

The mind of man should -at this time in his evolution- be at the least, apprentice to the "SIXTH SENSE", which would reveal and provide necessary guidance and wisdom, however; he finds himself lost.., in his masturbation of the five senses....

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