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Are Ron Pal Supporters Planning Bloodless Coup in North Carolina and the Nation?

Cross-Posted from Thunder Pig:

Katy's Conservative Corner has obtained e-mail between Ron Paul Supporters planning to become delegates to the North Carolina GOP Convention.

An excerpt:

The delegates to the county conventions are chosen at the precinct level. Most precincts are not organized, and preference is given to republicans who attend who wish to be delegates. So, for example, if you were a new republican went to the precinct convention in Charles Taylor's precinct, (sic) said you wanted to to be a delegate and he did not attend, you would get the seat. The same is true for the county conventions, and all the way up the line. So, this must start at the ground level.
Source: Katy's Conservative Corner, where you can read the rest, and follow links to the email, where I found this gem:

i was primarily thinking that it would be most effective to pool from
those 100+ Meetup group members we already have to get them to be more active in the local GOP meetings and become a delegate. Seems to me it is these folks that have the drive to do so.

Otherwise, it seems it would be a LOT of work to contact so many voters in a district to try and persuade them to consider supporting Ron Paul, let alone getting involved at a much deeper level.

i plan to continue pushing our group's members in this direction, as Ron Paul NEEDS support in the GOP delegation!


So much for getting out the vote...sounds like a short circuit to the electoral process to me! Not enough voter support? Bah! Voters, who needs 'em when your man must be elected. No wonder these guys can't get recognized to vote in North Carolina...they can't be troubled with going door-to-door as that would cut into their time at the local overpass!

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