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DURHAM - Karl Rove, the former White House strategist, said New York Sen. Hillary Clinton might have a more difficult time getting elected president than many people realize.

Appearing before a raucous Duke University audience, Rove said public opinion polls suggest that if Clinton captures the Democratic nomination, she will have a difficult time defeating the Republican nominee, even though she is far better known.

If voters want change, Rove said, Clinton may not be the best spokeswoman.

"For Senator Clinton, it's difficult to make the argument for change when she wants to go back to the '90s," Rove told more than 1,000 students at Page Auditorium.

Rove, who left the White House in August, had been the principal political strategist for President George W. Bush throughout his political career. He spent the bulk of his nearly 90-minute talk defending the Bush years, including the war in Iraq.

Most students were polite, but Rove was frequently interrupted by members of the audience who shouted "liar" or who accused the administration of sanctioning terror. He also was applauded at times, especially when he discussed the sacrifices of those serving in Iraq.

Rove seemed unrattled through the evening, although he dismissed one hostile questioner as a "kook."

"You're a murderer," someone shouted.

"I don't like to be slandered," Rove shot back.

Source: Raleigh News & Observer


When are conservatives going to rise up, stand on their hind legs, and start giving lefty speakers a taste of the same medicine? I'll bet they would not stand for it. And neither should we.

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