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Gentlemanly Conduct Alive and Well in Sylva,
Not so much in Asheville

Allen concedes; Lewis to remain on Sylva town board

By Justin Goble

The race for a vacant seat on Sylva’s town board came to an end after Danny Allen conceded Monday (Nov. 19).

Allen was in a dead heat with Ray Lewis for the third seat on the board. Both are incumbents, and both are former Sylva police officers.

The two garnered 114 votes each during the Nov. 6 general election. After the Nov. 13 vote canvass, which included opening two provisional ballots, the race was still deadlocked after both candidates received an additional vote.

Allen informed the Board of Elections of his intentions to concede last week. However, Director of Elections Lisa Lovedahl said he had to sign documents before that decision could be made official. She confirmed that Allen had signed those documents Monday morning.

Allen, who joined the board in 2001, has been having health problems for some time and said he yielded to Lewis so he could spend time focusing on getting better.

“I just think I need to direct my energy at trying to get well,” he said. “But I enjoyed my time on the town board. It was a learning experience, and in the end I hope I did what was best for the town. I wish the board and the town the best of luck.”

Source: Sylva Herald & Ruralite

Now, compare that story to this one:

ASHEVILLE – City Councilman Bryan Freeborn will get another recount of some ballots in the Nov. 6 race he lost to Bill Russell.

Freeborn had a right to request a hand recount of 3 percent of precincts selected at random, said Rachel Brown, Buncombe County elections deputy director for absentee administration.

That is because a Friday electronic recount showed different numbers than the official tally, Brown said.

If there is another discrepency the councilman might have the right to call for a hand recount of all ballots, said Brown, possibly changing the outcome of the election.

Brown said county elections officials would have to check with state elections officials about details.

Elections officials do not know when the hand recount will take place but will have to give 48 hours public notice, Brown said.

Source: Asheville Citizen-Times
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Lefty Whining: Scrutiny Hooligans


Bryan FreGore, in my opinion, is an immature crybaby. He should be able to take his lumps like man, and moveon!

Get it? Moveon! I Kill Myself!!!

The only upside I can see to this whole episode, is all the free ammo he is giving his opponents should he decide to run for public office again...I call it "Free Baggage" for the FreGore!
He will no longer be able to do the bidding of his master, Brownie Newman.

So getting ill and wanting to convalesce is "gentlemanly"?

What a bunch of whiny whiners, whining about a candidate who is using the mechanisms within the law to ensure an accurate count of the votes.

Again, if the situation were reversed, you would certainly want to make sure the loss was verifiable. Everyone, including Freeborn, expect that Real Estate Russell will keep his seat, but when it's within one half of one percent, then the canvass tally doesn't match the original tally, then the rescan doesn't match either tally - it's perfectly reasaonable to seek an accurate count.

As a voter, it's something I really want.

Quit whining, for God's sake. It'll all be over very soon.

Gordon, how quickly you forget!

I am an equal-opportunity mocker, have you so quickly forgotten the ladies-in-waiting, afraid to announce, if they thought Taylor might announce?

I mocked them quite thoroughly, especially Dennis Justice, and the guy "what's his name" from Henderson County.

No, if a Republican were stupid enough to contest a 70 vote margin in a race that garnered over 10k between the two in question, you can be assured I'd be working feverishly to get out photoshopped images, and a music video of him/her as well.
I also rememeber the 1960 Election, when, in another very close race, Nixon wisely chose not to put the nation through a recount.
Too bad al-Gore wasn't as wise to see the decades of trouble it would cause in our political system.
Freeborn (or should I say FreGore) will suffer the same fate as his namesake, and find the office he so desperately wanted...forever out of reach, and for the same reasons.
The people recognize a power-hungry person when they see them.
See you in the funny pages!

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