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To The Liars of the NY Times by WNCCB2

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To the Liars of the NY Times
(by WNCCB2)

The NY Times editorial opinion makers have finally admitted their position as liars and traitors by demanding our immediate withdrawal from Iraq. (re: this week's pro-genocide Editorial)
Just when the surge has produced a great majority of secure areas inside Baghdad (conveniently ignored - go look at a map you buffoons) and the terrorist elements coming under increasing pressure from united Anbar tribes, and from Sunni AND Shiites all opposed to Al Qaeda in Iraq, the NY Times in its infinite wisdom has planned our submission to Islamic Fascism. Why don't you publish the comparative summaries of areas that were lawless but now moving along the multi- stage timeline to Iraqi control? Because it cancels your insipid generalist arguments. You ignorant people make me sick.
Iraq is a front in this world war, and as distasteful as that must be to the very intellectual, we have been making phenomenal progress there. The insurgency leadership is in disarray, running from the capital and launching last gasp efforts to undermine the legitimate government of Iraq. Yes, there will be bombings until we hunt every last one down, and imprison or kill them. Does anyone remember that the Nazi holdouts after World War II operated for seven years after the fall of Berlin? Anybody among you intellectuals?
But your paper prefers genocide and an Islamic caliphate established by neighboring Iran, than finishing what we have invested so much time and energy in to complete. Do you also advocate just releasing murderers from their life sentences in U.S. prisons so they can return to rampaging through our cities decimating our populace. You act as if everything was just perfect before we went over there.
Stop lying. The WMDs have been transported to Syria and some are buried in the Bekaa valley. You know this and refuse to relate it. You have lost all credibility as a news source these past years. You are nothing but a rag.
All the news that's fit to distort.


(PS You limit letters to 150 words so no one can dispute your insane positions.)

[Editorial note: The author of this post is being stalked online and requested that I remove their name. Note to the stalker...stalk me and see what it gets you.]

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