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Call Senators to Stop Amnesty

When you call your Elected Critters, please tell them we will accept no resolution on the Illegal Alien problem until the border fence is built, and operational!

I received this in my email, and decided to post it:

Pass this around!!


Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) is one of the strongest voices speaking out against the immigration amnesty bill.

Sen. DeMint was just on the Laura Ingraham talk radio show updating her audience about the latest progress regarding this ridiculous bill.

He said the pressure senate Republicans are receiving from the White House is extreme, and some senators appear to be weakening upon hearing that there is the possibility of special supplementary funding to ensure the borders are secure.

You will remember, money was appropriated last year for nearly 900 miles of fencing.....not an inch of it has been built yet.

But to this point, the amnesty aspects of the bill remain intact, as do many other elements that, essentially, allow for the absorption of millions of illegals with little or no accountability for their lawbreaking, or acknowledgement of the millions of LEGAL immigrants who continue to wait for their citizenship.

DeMint said that ALL of our senators need to hear from their constituents. They need the support to justify their defiance of the White House's pressure to accept this amnesty bill.

Give Sen. Elizabeth Dole and Sen. Richard Burr your show of support for their efforts to stop this bill!

Phone calls and faxes are more effective than E-mails!

Sen. Elizabeth Dole:

Phone:202-224-6342 Fax: 202-224-1100
Sen. Richard Burr:

Phone: 202-224-3154 Fax: 202-228-2981


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