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Green Vandals Strike in Asheville

I found this little "after action report" quite possibly filed by one of the perps, or an associate thereof:

Asheville real-estate offices struck

Thursday, June 14 2007 @ 09:36 AM PDT

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Early in the morning of June 14, windows were smashed out, locks were
glued, and spray paint was left behind at the offices of Beverly Hanks Realtors
and Private Mountain Communities in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. These
two companies play a major role in the destruction of our beautiful mountains by
perpetuating sprawl. BH and PMC both have exclusive rights to the marketing of
gated communities, where the priveleged build second homes in one of the most
diverse ecosystems in the US. Thousands upon thousands of acres of Western North
Carolina's mountains are stripped bare every year for these exclusive
developments where the rich attempt to shelter themselves from the rest of the

We will not stand for the desecration of the trees, streams,
and creatures at the hands of greedy developers. Despite overwhelming public
opposition to these developments, the real estate companies and development
firms continue on their path of ecocide.

So we decided to hit them in the only way they understand--money. As
long as these scumbags continue their rape of the Earth, we will inflict
economic damage on them. Join us in taking militant direct action against the
developers in your neck of the woods. We must take responsibility for the land
that sustains us!

In defense of the wild,
Concerned Citizens of WNC

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Just once, I wish I could catch some of these punks in the act of destroying someone else's hard-earned property. Attitude Adjustments would soon take place.

Saturday morning Update: The Mountain Xpress has an article about the vandalism.

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