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NC Legislators Ponder Trashing U.S. Constitution

North Carolina Legislators are considering changing the way North Carolina's 15 electoral Votes are cast, ignoring our choice for President, and letting other states dictate how our elctoral votes are cast. Don't believe they would be so stupid?

A snippet:

RALEIGH - Legislators in North Carolina, and other states across the country, are taking a look at changing the way voters elect a president.

Under a bill approved by the N.C. Senate last month, North Carolina’s 15 votes in the Electoral College would go to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote instead of the winner of the North Carolina vote. The change would take effect only if enough other states pass similar bills.

The bill is part of a small but growing national movement to make sure that the candidate who gets the most votes nationwide wins the White House.
Source: Winston-Salem journal

Should you be motivated enough to contact your legislator, visit this website to find out the phone number of his/her office.


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