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NC Senate Votes To Junk Constitutional Electoral College

North Carolina moved a big step closer to joining a national movement that could lead to the president of the United States being elected by popular vote.

The state Senate, by a 30-18 partisan vote, passed legislation that would direct North Carolina's Electoral College delegates to vote for the presidential candidate with the most votes nationwide -- not the one with the most votes in the state -- if the national movement proves successful. So far, only Maryland has signed on, but more than 40 states are considering legislation that could bring them on board as well.

The movement comes after two close national presidential elections in which Republican George Bush came out the winner. In the 2000 election, the popular vote went to Democrat Al Gore, but Bush won the majority of electoral votes cast by the states. In 2004, the close vote in Ohio -- which Bush ultimately won -- drew lawsuits because if it had swung Democratic, John Kerry would have been elected president even though he hadn't won the popular vote.

Raleigh News and Observer

An important Item to remember is that the vote was partisan, Democrats For, Republicans Against.

Democrats for the usurpation of your Constitutional Rights, Republicans against the usurpation of your Constitutional Rights.

If we are not careful, this will result in the top 100 US. Cities deciding who will be President, and we all know how they vote...meaning no Republican Presidents again, ever! (And Certainly No Conservatives !!!)
Read the Wikipedia article on the national progress of the Illegal Interstate Compact..

Call your State Critters to lodge your protest, and begin planning questions to ask them about the vote when they run for re-election.

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