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C2ActionGram: Democrat Leaders in NC House Force Irresponsible"Sexuality"-Education Bill Through Health Committee!

In a stunning and very public abuse of power during Tuesday's committee meeting, the Democrat leadership (Ray Rapp, Madison Co. and Bob England, Rutherford Co.) not only refused to hear testimony from anyone who opposed the Sex-Ed bill (H879), they didn't even allow a formal vote to be taken! "Why not?" you ask? Read what the bills author, Rep. Susan Fisher (D) of Buncombe County told the Charlotte Observer after the fiasco took place:
Fisher acknowledged after the hearing that the bill may not have had the votes to pass the committee, and moving it ahead may give time for support to grow.
"I am not a gambler," she said. "We want to give people a chance to think about what they heard and see if it makes any difference down the road." (you can read the article here)
In other words...they knew they might lose an actual vote, and since Rep. Fisher in her own words is "not a gambler", they chose to abuse their power by...
The BAD NEWS is that they have no problem abusing their power and they have the backing of national groups like Planned Parenthood...our nation's #1 murderer of unborn children, and NARAL...who called the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold the ban on partial-birth abortions, "Unthinkable" . Right behind them are NC groups like The Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition of NC (check out their gloating email here), Equality NC (our states #1 homosexual activist group - see their announcement here) and the North Carolina chapter of the ACLU.
The GOOD NEWS is that your efforts are making a huge impact and forcing them to pull out all the stops without regard for ethics. We can win this fight if we all do our part!

Before we proceed, please remember:
  • These radical groups have changed the name of this curriculum from "Sex Education" to "Sexuality Education" (a subtle change, but a nightmare in it's effect). They are going way beyond presenting their version of the truth about contraceptives to an active promotion of all kinds of irresponsible, harmful and deviant sexual activities! That's not in the bill itself, but it IS in the curriculum it will force on our children. Check out some shocking examples here.
  • They point to polls showing parents want "sex education", which is true in and of itself, but the most recent poll by Zogby (released TODAY, MAY 4th) clearly shows parents want the focus of "sex education" to be...you guessed it...ABSTINENCE! Check out the Zogby information here.
  • Finally, you can read an excellent overview of the benefits of Abstinence Education written by our friends at the NC Family Policy Council. Check it out here.

  • The bill has moved to the House Education Subcommittee on Pre-School, Elementary and Secondary Education, so we must focus our attention on the 14 members of that committee! (their contact information is at the bottom of this email)
  • The email barrage from both sides has been enormous, so house members will most likely just delete them from here on out. Send them an email anyway, but understand this: We must call them at home this weekend and then at the legislature starting Monday afternoon! Please don't be afraid to call them at home...they are public servants, but more importantly, the well-being of North Carolina school children is at stake. Leaving a message is ok, but you MUST keep calling until you speak with them directly (always pray before you do!).
  • If one of the Subcommittee members is YOUR REPRESENTATIVE, your contact is CRITICAL! If you don't know who your Representative is, go here.
House Bill 879 could be heard and "voted" on as early as next Tuesday, May 8th, so we don't have any time to lose! YOU MUST ACT TODAY AND EVERYDAY UNTIL THIS BILL IS DEAD! Please understand that the other side will be relentless, so we must exceed them in that regard. Our friends at the North Carolina Family Policy Council have put together a tremendous brief that you should print and read before calling. You can find it here.
Finally, but most importantly, we need to "pray without ceasing" that God would intervene and equip us to win this battle.
As always, thank you so much for joining us "on the wall" (Nehemiah 2:17).
In His Service,
Steve Noble, Chairman

House Education Subcommittee
(easy to use email lists at bottom - just copy & paste each group into a new email)
Rep. Susan Fisher 919-715-2013 828-258-5355
(D-Buncombe) Subcommittee Co-Chair and primary sponsor and spokesperson of HB 879

Rep. Earline Parmon 919-733-5829 336-767-7395
(D-Forsyth) Subcommittee Co-Chair

Rep. Curtis Blackwood 919-733-2406 704-846-6019

Rep. Becky Carney 919-733-5827 704-332-1893

Rep. Tricia Ann Cotham 919-715-0706 704-634-9400

Rep. Dale Folwell 919-733-5787 336-748-0046

Rep. Rick Glazier 919-733-5601 910-484-4168

Rep. Pat Hurley 919-733-5865 336-625-9210

Rep. Maggie Jeffus 919-733-5191 336-275-4762

Rep. Linda Johnson 919-733-5861 704-932-1376

Rep. Marian McLawhorn 919-733-5757 252-524-3113
Rep. Ray Rapp 919-733-5732 828-689-2214

(D-Haywood, Madison, Yancey)

Rep. Paul Stam 919-733-2962 919-362-8873

Rep. Laura Wiley 919-733-5877 336-841-0045

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