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PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY by WNCCB2 (name removed by author's request. He is being stalked online and legal proceedings are underway. [Thunder Pig 2008 07 12]

I had a lot of sympathy for the parents of the missing 4-year-old girl who disappeared while they vacationed in Portugal. Who wouldn’t?
Until I read the details. Funny how those change your perspective. Buried in paragraph five of a recent story is the incriminating statement:
“The girl vanished May 3 after her parents left her, and her brother and sister, both aged 2, alone while they went to a nearby restaurant within their hotel complex in Portugal's Algarve region, a popular European tourist destination.”
Excuse me. I may be old-fashioned. But isn’t this child abuse? I mean, who leaves two two-year-olds and a four-year-old alone, EVER? And who goes to a foreign country to go to a restaurant while their children are God knows where? I don't care if you are going into the next room to use the bathroom. You have to either take your toddler with you or watch them with the door open.
I know they will say that the kids were in a locked apartment. So great. They can only incinerate themselves with the stove, fall out a window or impale themselves on something. At least they were inside. Alone.
Instead of offering reward money, the celebrities involved should demand these parents get a psych exam. It takes less the two seconds for a toddler to hurt themselves in a myriad of ways when left alone. You have to be completely vigilant and even then accidents happen. This was no accident.
This story reminds me of the time I found a three year old wandering the streets at 2 a.m. in a rough part of town while on an investigation. I called the police to retrieve him. I could not believe a child was allowed to just wander in the pitch black along the roads, among dogs, cars, and drug dealers. How responsible. I wager those parents were in a drug stupor exercising their freedoms by ignoring their children.
I know the free-for-all liberals would say, “the parents had a right to enjoy themselves at the restaurant.” Yeah. I have no faith children of such parents will actually reach adulthood.


Here’s an eye opener. Have a child, become totally responsibly for everything that happens to that child for the next eighteen years minimum. If you cannot take that responsibility then don’t have children. I cannot imagine leaving my child alone for any length of time. Ever. Our child is with us or in the company of a trusted guardian, period.
I hope they find that girl soon. I hope she is okay. I hope some kind soul found her wandering and let her in to feed her cookies and just doesn’t have a television or any idea who to ask about her.
But we all know that’s probably not what happened.
Those parents should lose their other children and face jail time.
What they did leaving those children alone so they could dine was a crime.
But that’s where we’ve come to in our liberal society. Kids are just a by-product apparently. At least, that’s how a lot of parents treat them. And we wonder why so many sociopaths are emerging.
Don’t bother looking for this kind of analysis from the mainstream media or liberal pundits. They are all too busy celebrating the death of Jerry Fallwell today. Like he was evil or something. The liberals I’ve known are generally sick and twisted people who have convinced themselves that conservative, responsible people are the ones who need mental exams.


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