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Heath Shuler Post for Sept 6th

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There are only 62 days left until the 2006 midterm elections.

Below are a couple of snippets found on the internet:

Driven by their faith and committed to the common good, the candidates below exemplify what FaithfulDemocrats.com is all about. They are now in close and critical races for the most important offices in the nation—Congress, Senate, and Governor. And they need your help.

Please make a contribution to one or more of these candidates in order to help make America a more just and compassionate place.

FaithfulDemocrats.com is a division of Faithful Media, Inc., a nonprofit corporation.

Below that introduction, there are 6 faithful democratic candidates listed, the last of which is our very own Heath Shuler. His introduction below:

Heath Shuler “I have never shied away from openly discussing my faith. Throughout my high school, college, and professional career, I have been an active member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and a spokesman for Character Counts. I have spoken to thousands of students across the country, sharing my testimony and trying to be a positive role model for them. Nikol and I are now raising our two children in the mountains of North Carolina with the same values that we were raised with.”

Source for the two above snippets.

I can't help but wonder if Heath Shuler will be treated any better than Joe Lieberman, another faithful democrat, albeit of the Jewish faith; and considered a conservative democrat.

If we are to believe Heath' claim to be conservative, will the dems relgate him to a corner until they can find a more progressive candidate to take his place, should he win in November?

Asheville is as blue as blue gets, but the rest of the district is conservative and rural.

Patsy Keever was a good candidate in 2004, but Taylor was able to tar her with the "Lib-ruull woman from Asheville" brush which was quite effective. Even worse was that DCCC was running the almost the same commercials for her as the DSCC was running for Inez Tennenbaum in SC, giving credibility to Taylor's "she's not one of us" frame.

Heath Shuler doesn't have any of these liablities, and is probably the strongest candidate the Democrats can get. Taylor is hardly loved in this district and if Keever could come within 10 points, Shuler should beat him handily.


That is how they see our district at DailyKos, "rural and conservative" only they mean it as a perjorative, I take it as a badge of honor, as I would hope that Heath would.

The main question I have for you today is this:

If elected, would Heath Shuler remain true to his heritage as a rural southerner, or would he be like so many of our children who have left our mountains to leave a friend, and return a stranger?

Right now, I can't answer that question.


The word persuasions is spelled incorrectly (a T should be changed to an S) at the header of the page, otherwise I like the site and thank you for it! Keep up the good dialogue!
PS Feel free to remove my post or tweak it when the correction is made.

Hey! I'm a work in progree, and I enjoy it when someone cares enough to correct my atrocious (sp?) spelling. Believe it, Or not, I was once a champion speller.

progress instead of progree!!!

I need a bigger monitor.
1024x768 just doesn't work on a 14" monitor!!!

It's not atrocious lol. I just have a chip on my shoulder, I feel like everyone looks down on Southern folks and I don't want to ever give them a chance, hence the reason I told ya about the spelling. Plus I realize our keyboards get gummed up and we get sticky keys LOL I am the world's worst.
Like I said before, keep up the good work!!!

PS: I don't know if you're pullin' for Shuler or not, but he didn't make it in football because he couldn't remeber all the plays... and we want him to be our congressman why?
Many people jump on the "faith" bandwagon because they know they need the south to win an election. I know whereof I speak... I was a Democrat for 20 years, I know how they think and the tactics they pull.
Shuler is one big sacrificial lamb to oust Taylor, then either he will fall on his sword or he'll get backstabbed by one of our own local uber-liberals or he will show his true colors. But he will not be conservative, or even Libertarian.
I'll not vote for him, but mark my words if he wins, tsk tsk tsk, and we think Asheville city council is bad? LOL

My keyboard is almost ten years old, and will sometimes stick, and I'll have a couple hundred letters on the screen I didn't have before!

My father was the democrat(I hate the word democratic) chairman of our precinct for years, so I registered democrat. have always voted republican on the federal level, and mostly democrat locally, until I larned to study the issues and the candidates.

I lived up north for a little while, and milked my southern accent for all I could... I hate to say it, but I did call swimming pools cement ponds. I think maybe us southerners do overplay things when in mixed company!!!
Ohh! Lightning Strike close by, gotta unplug...

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