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Update on Attempted Kidnapping and Rape of 9 Year Old

Yesterday's post was based on scant information, and today more has been revealed. Due to the shoddy reporting from WLOS, there was not any useful information in their report.

From a local paper:

Macon County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 36-year-old man after he allegedly attempted to kidnap a 9-year-old girl early Monday morning.

Olivar Angelo Roblero of 397 Iotla Valley Park Road was charged with two felonious counts — attempted kidnapping and attempted abduction — and one misdemeanor assault on a child under 12. The arrest came after deputies initially responded to a 9-1-1 call at 2:32 a.m. reporting an altercation between five men involving two-by-fours.

“I need an officer out here ... now, please. I have Mexicans trying to get my nine-year-old little girl in the bed with them and I’ve got my15-year-old brother that is basically going ballistic on them,” said the caller. “I’ve got five of them trying to jump on my brother.”

The caller reported the Hispanic men were using “busted up two-by-fours” to attack her brother.

Source: Macon County News


Nowhere in the WLOS or Franklin Press story did they speak of the uncle as being 15 years old. Significant item to be left out of the story, don't you think?

Think of that. A 15 year old boy took on 5 men to defend his niece, and them with 2 x 4's. Don't tell me America is not producing heroes.

Of course, if President Bush and the 110th Congress had done something about our wide open border...this 15 year old boy would not have had to take on 5 men to defend his 9 year old niece from kidnapping, rape...and perhaps worse.

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