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The conservative message has now been viewed by citizens all around the world as presented by the URTV program , "Sound Off Buncombe". The videos produced and uploaded to the Internet by Richard Bernier have addressed issues that face the people of western North Carolina, the rest of the state, and the nation.

"This along with URTV has been able to forward a true local issues message to the folks of WNC & I look forward in the days ahead now that other like minded have stepped forward to promote the true message for the hard working people of WNC & the state of North Carolina," says Richard Bernier.

Richard Bernier was advised of this milestone while on special assignment in Albany, NY last week.


Correction: The particular milestone Richard was noting was the 20,000 hits on Youtube in a year's time.

Richard's videos can be viewed on URTV, which airs on Charter Cable 20 in Buncombe and Madison Counties, and on the Internet on You Tube, Google Video,Blogger, Blip.tv, and Vimeo, and other venues in development.


I can add to the above by pointing out that Richard Bernier has been a video pioneer, being one of the very few conservatives at URTV...he has donated countless hours at events, recording and helping candidates get their message out to the voters.

My wish is to see the conservative movement produce people like him in every county in North Carolina who will work to help candidates get their message out to the voters of our state.

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Thanks TP for all the kind words, its hard to belive that on YouTube has been viewed over 20,000 times in less than a year.

Im glad you have the format with all your blogs that has been the flag ship for WNC Conseratives as well as the entire state of NC.


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