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GREENSBORO, N.C. – State Senator and U.S. Senate Nominee Kay Hagan (D-Guilford) today released her first television commercial of the general election. “Voices” highlights Kay’s record in Raleigh working across party lines and investing in priorities to move North Carolina forward. “Voices” will begin airing Tuesday in several markets across the state.


“Kay has a decade of service in Raleigh working for North Carolinians and not for the special interests and their lobbyists in Washington. Kay worked across party lines to ban illegal immigrants from getting driver’s licenses and balanced five state budgets while investing in priorities to help working families in North Carolina get ahead,” said Hagan Campaign Press Secretary Dave Hoffman. “With all due respect, Elizabeth Dole’s experience is just a way of doing business that puts the special interests ahead of the best interests of North Carolinians. After 40 years in Washington, Dole hasn’t done anything to ease our dependence on foreign oil, stop the tide of illegal immigrants coming into our country, ensure our veterans the care and benefits they deserve, or control excessive George Bush-approved spending. Dole has voted with President Bush 92% of the time while ignoring the consequences on working families here in North Carolina. It’s about time they had someone looking out for them rather than herself and her special interest friends.”

“Voices” stresses the needs for an independent voice representing North Carolina, committed to getting gas prices under control, ending the $17 billion in tax incentives Liddy Dole voted to give away to Big Oil, and investing in clean energy that would create thousands of jobs here in North Carolina. That’s exactly the type of senator Kay has been in Raleigh and the type of senator she will be in the U.S. Senate.

The script of the ad is below, and can be viewed at http://www.kayhagan.com/pages/ad:


“An independent voice.

Kay Hagan.

Former vice-president at North Carolina’s largest bank…

Then a decade in the state Senate:

Reaching across party lines to ban driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants…

Balance five state budgets in a row.

Expand early childhood education …and raise teacher pay.

Now, the U.S. Senate needs a leader who’ll finally put independent thinking – and middle class families — before the Washington special interests.”

Kay Hagan: “I’m Kay Hagan and I approve this message.”


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TP, why are you posting Hagan's Press Releases?

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