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Civitas Analysis: 2008-2009 State Budget: Education

Fifty-three percent of North Carolina’s $21.3 billion FY 2008-09 state budget is devoted to funding education programs. The FY08-09 state budget provides $11.4 billion, for K-12 schools ($7.8 billion), community colleges ($933 million) and the University of North Carolina system ($2.6 billion). Despite the economic slowdown, total education spending in North Carolina still increased 1.2 percent. The new state budget also adds $154 million in new education spending, includes $523 million in non-voter approved state debt for the UNC system, $200 million for teacher raises and provides millions more for new programs and program expansions.


Transportation Fuel: Provides $35million in funds to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to respond to the escalation in gas prices.

Disadvantaged Student Funding (DSSF):
In addition to the $70 million allocated in the base budget, another $6 million in DSSF funds is added to meet growing needs of LEA target populations.

Children with Disabilities: Increases funding ($6.2 million) for children with disabilities. Raises per student funding by $36 per student.

UNC Enrollment Growth Funding: Provides $34.6 million to UNC system to meet projected needs of 8,000 additional students.

Community College Enrollment Growth: Provides $24 million to community colleges to fully fund enrollment growth in curriculum (4.1 percent increase, 6,119 FTE), continuing education (1.2 percent increase, 288) and basic skills programs (.3 percent increase, 48)....

Source: Civitas Institute (check it out)


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