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Monday Morning Voter Registraion Numbers (Corrected)

[**note** percentages corrected. Thanks to JR for catching the error. --TP]

Here is another installment in my semi-regular North Carolina voter registration tracking effort:

2,641,700 Democrats 45.281% a loss of 0.017%
1,925,266 Republicans 33.000% a loss of 5.241% (this may an artifact)
1,266,595 Unaffiliated 21.450% a gain of 0.241%
0,000,437 Libertarians (statistically insignificant for tracking)
5,833,998 Total with a gain of 0.3%

There have been 17,488 voters registered in the past four weeks, and the numbers breakdown as follows:

Change in Voter Registration in Four Weeks

Unafilliated Registration gained 18,939 voters
Democratic Party gained 6,359 voters
Libertarian Party gained 408 voters
Republican Party lost 17,488 voters

Since I have not been tracking the numbers for a very long time, I cannot draw any meaningful conclusions just yet, but I can make a few observations.

  1. The Democratic Party is running an effective voter registration effort alongside the Obama Campaign.
  2. The Republican Party is hemorrhaging voters into the Unaffiliated category. I can only speculate about the reasons, but I suspect unhappiness with John McCain is a factor.
  3. The Libertarian Party continues to gain voters as people find out they can register as such again. I suspect that the party has yet to launch a voter registration effort.
I have no handy chart this time because the fleeing Republicans messed that up. I need to re-think the parameters I am charting. I may be the victim of a voter roll purge...at any rate, the picture should firm up in the next few weeks as more data is collected.

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