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Monday Morning Voter Numbers

Here are the latest Voter Registration Numbers for North Carolina:

The Libertarians have managed to double their numbers for the second week in a row...but are still negligible in numbers. Munger is crying foul.

2,635,341 Democrats 45.308%
1,933,484 Republicans 38.241%
1,247,656 Unaffiliated 21.450%
0,000,029 Libertarians 00.000005%
5,816,510 Total

There have been 5,638 voters registered since early last Wednesday, and the numbers breakdown as follows:

So, we can see from the figures that the North Carolina Republican Party seems to be either not focused on voter registration, or having trouble getting new voters. I know my local party is downright hostile to people who show up who aren't RINOs, and work to marginalize their participation on the local level.

**update** 12.17pm

The State Board of Elections have said it will take 2 or 3 months to get new forms out after Federal approval, and that Libertarians should go ahead and change their affiliation anyway. I think it is funny seeing Libertarians depending on the government...instead of being self-reliant. It shows me that Libertarians today are just Progressives cross dressing as Libertarians.

Besides...all the Libertarians are supposed to be taking over the GOP, right? We have several Paultards in GOP Party positions across the state, and I don't think they are gonna abandon the GOP for the dream of having a party of their own.

This is one expected bonus to the Ron Paul Revolution...it will kill the Libertarian Party's chances of becoming a player in the political process. Sure, the Paultards can vote for Libertarian candidates...but they'll be shut out of the benefits of membership and helping grow the Libertarian Party in North Carolina.

Anyone wanna take bets on how long it will take them to lose party status this time?


Number of Libertarians in North Carolina More Than Doubles


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