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Ron Paul Hospitality Suite Video at NCGOP State Convention

Ron Paul Delegates - 2008 NC Republican State Convention from ahedgehog on Vimeo.

Here is a video made by Ron Paul Supporters in the Ron Paul hospitality suite at the North Carolina GOP Convention a couple of weekends ago. I think it is important for normal Republicans to watch and listen to these people.

If they are willing to act like grownups, they might be able to help strengthen the conservative wing of the party. As far as their antiwar views...that is Dead On Arrival, and they should realize that from the start.

Oh, and since I am already on Signals Intelligence, there is a Live Thread from the North Carolina Democratic Party Convention on Blue NC, with links to other bloggers covering the event.

For those who have signed up and paid, I will be issuing a private intel report on the message board later today.


Well, over all Im glad they were at the convention. Gary Shoemaker is a good guy and is from Buncombe County.

I belive overall, its great they have a place in the GOP while being a long shott on some issues but more on target on some issues than of the two parties we have now.

I wished I had the time to film their comments on the floor but I was contracted by another group to film & produce a program on DVD.

As far as the "D" party goes, they would never allow a group like this on the floor of their convention.


Then you should see what is going on at the NCDP Convention.

TP, I forgot my password to the message board...could you email me another?

JR in Franklin

Thank you for the video.

I am a bit disappointed at the way Ron Paul supporters are demeaned and patronized such as your comment about acting like grownups.

Still this is not a new thing in the GOP, or for any organization when the establishment of the day is challenged by fresh faces.

It is rather odd, however, because Paul, like Goldwater, is a child of the Bob Taft "Old Right" from the era when Senator Taft was a household name and known in the press as Mr. Republican.

Anyone old enough to remember the reception the Goldwater people received when they first came on the scene will recall that the 'establishment' GOP of Rockefeller and Nixon regarded most of them as unruly members of the tinfoil hat brigade. LBJ certainly tried to exploity that in '64. Yet without the new ground the Goldwater people opened over the course of years, Ronald Reagan never would have been elected. The Nixon and Rockefeller factions could never have led the GOP into becoming for a stretch of years both the majority party and in control of both the White House and Congress.

I guess you have missed the tactics employed by some of the more childish and venal Ron Paul Supporters.

I refer you to this post of Thunder Pig.

I also refer you to this post, and request that you follow the links there to the radio show appearance and listen to these people giggle their way through the interview, and the name-calling they engage in on that show.

I also refer you to this post that encourages people to act in a way that undermines the constitution.

On a personal note, two individuals of the local Ron Paul meetup tried to get me fired from a previous job because of my anti=Pauleroid posts.

I also follow very closely several dozen Ron Paul forums online and have noted that they are planning some nasty stuff for the National Convention.

The "Taft" isolationists were very wrong, and those that follow that line are also very wrong. Just like the fellow said in the video...if good men do nothing, evil will triumph. That applies to the international stage as well.

The noninterventionists of pre-World War II allowed Hitler to set in motion events that resulted in 65 million deaths. Taft has a share of that blood on his hands.

You misguided people of the r3VOLution love to claim Reagan as your own. Well, you might try reading "A Time For Choosing" or watching watching the 28 minute speech that contains a very pro-war stance that is as vallid today as then. The portion to which I refer starts at 16 minutes.

You also forget how Reagan increased our military in a great buildup that transformed our military from a defensive posture to one where we could begin to take to the offensive around the world. He built the 600-ship navy. He placed nuclear missiles in Europe that gave us a quick-response (or even 1st strike) option in dealing with the Soviets.

Would Ron Paul or Robert Taft have done that? Most certainly not. If they had been President in the 1980's, we would likely see Europe swallowed by a still-existent USSR.

Ron Paul's foreign policy is morally bankrupt...and belongs on the ash heap of history.

In 20 years (maybe even sooner) President George W Bush will be recognized as a Churhillian or Reaganesque figure for standing up to our enemies abroad, as well as our enemies here at home.

At least the libertarians are starting to realize that 3rd parties are for losers.

Welcome to the GOP, and watch the Convention Coverage for some shenanigans as they try to avoid voting for John McCain, despite their promise to their local conventions that they would...that is just one of the reasons I call them children.

Another is the behavior of the sign-wavers on the overpasses as regards to law enforcement. Very infantile.

I will be very surprised if a significant portion of the Pauleroids stay in the party continuosly between now and 2012.

They would be wise to heed the words of the primary speaker in this video...building a movement takes time. Often decades.

I tried to follow the links you provided but the first one returned a Windows error with no posts visible. The recommended radio interview links (Hour 2 and Hour 3) each lead to things that appear to be psychedelic screensavers with no sound.

I went to the one you suggest encourages people to act in ways that undermine the constitution. What I saw was a passionate young woman encouraging people to become Ron Paul delegates by contacting their state GOP organizations, etc., to find out how, as well as some advice links, all of which I saw seem honorable honorable and as plain vanilla as can be.

Maybe the links aren't what you intended to supply. Please let me know.

It's obvious that you feel you've been mistreated by those of us who support the constitution, a humble foreign policy and fiscal responsibility.

Certainly if somebody tried to get me fired from my job because of political comments I had made, I would feel aggrieved, too, and with ample justification.

With the shenanigans that were pulled on the Congressman during the debates (particularly by FOX) and the slurs broadcast about the psychological and intellectual health of those who support him, I can see why some people associated with the campaign felt abused.

Still, in keeping with Congressman Paul's own demeanor, one might hope that all and not just most of his supporters would have turned the other cheek. I apologize on behalf of anyone who crossed the line in your own case.

I goofed on the link to Thunder Pig, I was meaning to link to an article that had dozens of Pauleroids attacking me for posting something negative about Ron Paul's idiot ideas on Foreign Policy.

The radio show links work. You should have Quicktime installed to listen to them. That idiot blogger uses snipurl. Here are the links:

Hr 2
Hr 3
Right click, and choose "save as" and choose all file types so the file will save as an MP3 file.

I'll quote from the article:

begin quote
The only way for Ron Paul to become President is if he gets the GOP nomination; The only way for Ron Paul to get the GOP nomination is if we become delegates. As delegates, we'll be voting to pick the GOP nominee just like the electors in the electoral college vote to pick the President; Delegates determine and decide who the GOP nominee is—it's that critical!

There hasn't been a brokered convention for more than 60 years! And the good news is that Ron Paul doesn't have to win a single state to get the GOP nomination; He just needs to win the delegates! So your delegate vote will count that much more; In other words, Ron Paul can secure the GOP nomination with your vote!

This is encouraging people to vote for someone other than who they're supposed to vote for.

Say if I were a delegate selected for the convention, and I was supposed to vote for Huckabee. Even though I personally hate most of his policies, I would be honor-bound to vote for him until he released me to vote for someone else.

What these people are proposing is for delegates to ignore the instructions given to them...for Ron Paul CANNOT win the nomination unless he has a majority of delegates...and that was not ever going to happen.

The one thing that will keep these people from gaining ANY measure of power in the GOP is their refusal to acknowledge thtat we are in a World War against an enemy that has as one of it's aims the complete takeover of the world, and our destruction.

I agree with some of what he says, but his Foreign Policy views and his wanting the Federal Reserve to be nationalized (like the democrats want Health Care and the Oil Reineries nationalized) prevent me from supporting him.

Also his view on the Drug War eliminates him from my supporting him. I am engaged in the War on Drugs as a member of a private group involved in upsetting drug trafficking.

I could go on and on and suffice it to say we were successful in killing Ron Paul's Campaign, and interfered in the r3VOLution at every level. That will continue as long as they remain in the party opposed to the war.

If they want control of the party, it will only be over my dead body.

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