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AP vs Blogger Fight Smoldering, How You Can Fight Back

According to Ed Cone, the AP vs Bloggers dustup has quieted down some.

I have a proposal for combating the AP that does not involve thousands of bloggers all posting excerpts of AP stories. Instead, what we should do is not post AP content, nor link to any AP content in whatever paper it appears in to deny them links that will drive up their Google Page Rank score.

When we see an AP story we wish to share, why don't we just use our favorite search engine to find other non-AP sources for the story, and run with those?

And while we are at it, why not give preference to bloggers covering stories, especially if they are covering it first-hand? The AP is in the business of repackaging news stories to sell to papers at Highway Robbery rates...so we can contribute to lessening the value of the AP brand. If papers become aware that we will not be linking to AP content, nor using the "share" buttons to tell our friends to check out an AP Story on their website...and suery advertisers will as well, then we can fight back at AP, and hit them where it hurts, their wallet.

We could use bloggers as our own wire service. Once something like this gets going, certain bloggers can be counted upon to cover local events...and we can begin to completely ignore the AP altogether...and perhaps even the local papers.

That is what I feel is behind this whole drama...the growing power and influence of bloggers who are giving news consumers better news than the AP can, and the papers (on certain subjects).

Oh, and those of you out here who read blogs, but don't have one of your own...you can help us in this fight as well. Tell your friends about the blogs you like (or hate), and use the links on most bologs to share our stuff with your friends. And, if you can contribute stories...most bloggers would welcome an on-the-spot report of local news. I know I would.

There is a reason I call Newspapers, TV, and Radio the Legacy Media...they are just like legacy satellite equipment...just barely able to keep up with the news...and ready to be replaced with something better, something new.


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