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Wright Sentenced to Serve 70 to 95 Months

This just in from Under The Dome:

A Wake Superior Court judge today sentenced former Rep. Thomas Wright to 70 to 95 months in prison after his conviction on three felony counts of fraud.

Wright, who was taken away in handcuffs, was kicked out of the state House last month because of allegations that he used his political sway to obtain a bogus letter from a state official to get a $150,000 bank loan, Sarah Ovaska reports.

Wake prosecutors also accused him of pocketing three charitable contributions, totaling $8,900.
Video of the conviction and commentary by Wright's attorney.


Pretty much completely unrelated thought I just had:

We should get the word out to Rush to create an OPERATION CHAOS VOTER'S GUIDE that shows the down-ticket Dem candidates to vote for. You know, like Jim Neal, Richard Moore, etc. - instead of just screwing the Dems in one office, he should attempt to spread it to the other weak candidates.


Goodness the the wacko lefties have been pimping Jim Neal despite knowing he'd be crushed by Dole...Hagan has out raised Neal more than 2 to 1.

I also view Moore as the weaker of the candidates. Just think...we stand a real good chance of seeing another GOP Governor!

If you feel up to it, make one yourself and I'll post it here as a guest commentary and you can put it on Free Republic. Maybe Snerdley will see it.

What I'd like to do is include NC House & Senate races. If you know of any of those races that can be OCed, let me know.


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