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This is video shot last week of the Candidates Forum held in Fairview showcasing the Democrat candidates for the Buncombe County Commission.

I found a link to it at Scrutiny Hooligans, and am inquiring as to the videographer. It is good to see the Democrats being put on the record as well as the Republicans.

**update** 11.08am The video was shot by B.J. Snow

Democrats are the only ones having debates, TP.

Republicans aren't having debates. Why? You'll have to tell me.

I guess you are still having problems with reading comprehension. I was addressing the candidates being put on the record on video.

Where have you been? I've posted dozens of videos of Republicans debating...and only one of democrats debating. I'm sure the Democrats have debated...just not as well advertised, reported, or recorded as the Republicans.

I have over twelve hours of just the NC-11 Candidates debating and answering questions for their primary alone.

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