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Hooligans Cover Buncombe County Commission Candidate Debate

Gordon Smith, of Scrutiny Hooligans, covered the Democrat Commission Debate last night...and I've pulled the open to post below:

I walked into the Carver Center in Black Mountain just in time to hear David Gantt deliver the first of the opening remarks. Somewhere around fifty people turned out to hear the candidates and to ask them unscripted questions. Bill Stanley skipped the debate, and Carol Peterson apologized for him. She said he had to attend a Shrine Club meeting instead. If anyone asks, Bill Stanley was the big loser tonight for having his priorities out of whack. Everyone else came across as thoughtful and making a real run at the Commission. Incumbent Stanley’s absence spoke volumes.

The event was hosted by a group in Black Mountain called Democrats On The Move. They’re an independent group who put on a great forum. Thanks!

This “transcript” is rough as hell. My fingers were a-flyin’, but there’s only so much a brother can do. Direct quotes are in quotation marks. Everything else is an impression or paraphrased. Any mistakes are mine. I’ll probably follow up in the next little while with my personal take on the event, but this is as close to reportage as you’ll get here at ScruHoo.

Source: Scrutiny Hooligans


As usual, Gordon does a bang-up job covering the event. I seriously doubt ANY of the local legacy media outlets will have even half the coverage he has given to us.
I looked around for more coverage of the event, and found none. I'll post an update on this post if I find more coverage. This is part of what is so great about blogs, it increases the granularity of local politics. It gets even better if there are more than one person from different organizations covering the same event...

**update** 10.02am

Buncombe County Democrat Party

Here are the websites (if any) of the Democrats running for the Buncombe County Commission:

David Gantt
Carol Paterson (County Website)
Bill Stanley (County Website)

Kay Bailey (none)
Cecil Bothwell
Vernon Dover (none)
Bob Hill (none)
Holly Jones
Keith Thomson

I may have missed a legitimate website, if you know of a candidate website I missed, please add a link to it in the comments. I added Holly Jones website when she ran for City Council because I could not find one geared for the County Commission run, and assume (I know!) that she'll re-launch it with a new design later.

Also, I am gathering information about where each of the candidates (both parties) stand on issues, and will be posting on each as I have time.


Just mentioning a typo:

It's Buncombe County Democratic Party. You misspelled the word.

Not a typo, did it on purpose. ;)


I agree we need more insight to all aspects.

I spent the night in Murphy & was unable to attend.

Glad Gordon did what he did, even though we dont agree on alot but we both do our best to get out what we can.

For the record, I like Bill Stanley & will support him in his re-election.

I know that does not sit well with my GOP friends, I have my reasons!!

I do hope they will debate more than just once, whats the deal with that??



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