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Government is Abusing Secrecy Protections by Carl Mumpower

Government is Abusing Secrecy Protections

"Bad things grow in the dark and government at all levels is trying to turn out the lights," says 11th District Republican Congressional Candidate Carl Mumpower. Recent Senate and House debates on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) have generated widespread debate on the necessity of government actions shrouded in secrecy.

"The more liberties we grant government agencies, the less liberty we find in the hands of people," said Mumpower. "I am not in favor of the immunity found in recent FISA legislation for telecoms or anyone else and continue to believe that the pervasive bureaucratic dysfunction of America's intelligence agencies offer few incentives for more hidden powers. Terror threats are real, but there are many productive things we can do to protect America from those threats before we surrender the rule of law and personal freedoms."

According to Mumpower, "Securing our borders, enforcing existing laws, and financial and productivity audits of our intelligence agencies," will do more than allowing the government to expand its veil of secrecy. "Under current protocols, information that should see the early light of day languishes for decades in the name of 'national security'. More often than not, the deeper agenda is to evade accountability and competency challenges through the timely attentions of citizen observers and the media. Transparency is one of the most crucial components of our constitutional Republic - I will be no part of exchanging the light of our tomorrows for a placebo of questionable security today."

Carl Mumpower
11th District Republican Congressional Candidate

Saying it-meaning it-doing it.

I applaude Mr. Mumpower and agree totally....
The outline presented, supports and confirms conclusions, equally realized by the majority of those who haven't been sleeping....

One would also conclude, from the described circumstance, that the evolving program to enslave (chip), was implimented long before we took cognizence of the issue.., and, only then, we began to address.
The evil (secret) side of man is (has been) in the process of mutating this reality, to serve his selfish perverted concepts of how man's destiny should be.., not for the design or binefit of the ALL.., but for the "priviledged" who are now in "control".

The expressed boldness, of implimenting the un-Constitunal program to pervert and deminish our institutional protections, shows: the fearless confidence in their apparent unstoppable efforts..,and, the fact that we continue to tolerate without unified alarm and resistance.., is even more detrimental to our future....

I believe we are near the end of the beginning, in regard to the implimented program we have awaken too.., and, it appears we are a little late for a peaceful resolution....

"United we STAND, devided we FALL!";.. never so true....

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