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BueNC Drinks Edwards Kool-Aid
Attacks Journalism Student and Advisor

The first clue anyone should have of the shaky ground that these socialists stand on is the first resort to ad hominem attacks on the people involved with the report...not countering the story itself.

All quotes except one, are taken from this story on BlueNC. (Carolina Blue!)

Example One:

1. A UNC student approached Edwards campaign under what were probably false pretenses to do a hit piece. The campaign cooperated.
Notice the author is already assigning motives.

2. The student produced a video, which was judged by a Republican faculty member to be fair and balanced. The dean of the UNC J-School also signed off. Apparently neither (they are husband and wife) put much stock in accuracy. The video opens with a factual error about the Southern Village being the most expensive part of Chapel Hill, which is simply not true.
I suppose if the faculty member had been Democrat, the author would have tried another smear tactic by dif\gging something up from the faculty member's past.
Folks, the author (as almost all Neostalinists do, first try to discredit the messenger, following the Saul Alinsky playbook by the letter. I will say that I am shocked that a Republican has managed to survive in the UNC School of Journalism without being tarred and feathered and rode out of town on a rail...but wait, maybe I have spoke too soon, I expect that this is the beginning of the process!

3. When they found about about the video, the Edwards campaign then contacted the student and the faculty adviser. According to those two, the campaign demanded the video be pulled and threatened the student. No names were given and no direct quotes were offered to back the claims of "demands" and "threats."

See, now that the author has {apparently) destroyed the credibility of the video producer and the J-Schhol perps, they can safely assign the Edwards people the role of "victim"...a very necessary step in the progressive movement for achieving sainthood.

Did the Edwards campaign behave badly in this? Probably, but there's only the word of a Republican faculty member and a seemingly Bushbot student to go on, so you'll forgive me if I'm a bit skeptical. But even if they did, is it the proper role of a state-supported blog and a state employee to ignite and fan the flames of controversy?
Notice the deflection, or at least mitigation of any claim that the Edwards Campaign did anything wrong? And then the utter assumption of guilt is placed on the "Republican" faculty member, and then a baseless accusation that the student is a Bushbot (probably an offshoot of the dreaded fembots) that should result in the conviction and banishment of the journalism student.
A bit skeptical?!? The author obviously went in the wrong direction when choosing an adverb, using "bit" instead of "very".

Also, when I hear someone say "proper role," I know am about to hear pure, unmitigated crap flow from someone's mouth. The author notices that the blog is state-supported (therefore is supposed to be friendly to lefties) and that the faculty member is employed by the state (how on earth did a Republican slip through the key system that is supposed to prevent hiring anyone on the right who is not a weenie?), and implying that perhaps that person should niot be employed by the state. That is where lefties always excell, with the implied use of force against their opponents, if not by themselves, then enlisting the state to do their bidding.

Then as a parting shot:
Note to J-School: You know all those solicitations you send me for contributions? You might want to save yourself some postage in the future.
Because the J-School isn't ideologically pure, then a threat is issued to with hold funds (and the very posting is supposed to put the idea into other potential donors heads to copy that threat) which we know the modern education system can never get enough of, even if they had printing presses printing Ben FRanklins by the bushel.

At least the author was taken to task by some of the commentators, one of whom knew the student reporter, and did not know she was a Republican until they read it somewhere else; and the author did withdraw the charge.

For the record, the faculty adviser, Leroy Towns, used to be a senior staffer and campaign manager for Senator Pat Roberts (R) of Kansas. Wrapping up the sad saga this morning, Towns posts to his own taxpayer-supported blog in an attempt to turn the travesty into a "teachable moment.* A

Dig deep enough and you will find old good Art Pope up to his camel ass in this little plot since he can't get control of UNC......If it walks like a Pope, talks like a Pope, than it has to be a Pope
Source: Comment Section

One false charge is disposed of, and another specter must be summoned to keep the hate (or fear, I'm not sure which) flowing: Art Pope. I must look up this Art Pope fellow, and see what he, and his organization are about...maybe they can help me out if these guys and gals are so afeared of him. I must be the only Republican in North Carolina who has very rarely visited the website.

I love how Democrats (mostly Progressive in Nature) seem to say the Republicans are seeking to promote fear and hatred in the people, when nearly everything the Democrats say is engineered to bring about those very things.

I'd call that a classic case of psychological projection.

Also...my parting shot: This clearly shows that the Edwards Campaign has no clue. If they had ignored the story, it would have gone away, instead...they brethed life into it, and gave it a sportscar to drive!

Bravo TP!! That was about as good a job of nailing the issue, and opposition down as could be done.

As you pointed out, the Left always "needs" victims, just like the Bolsheviks of 1917. And as we know, they turned into the Communist Party in the old Soviet Union.

The Left is not used to someone pointing out the absurdities of their commentaries as you have most aptly done.

The Socialist/Democrats of today remind me of the novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray." The face they portray to the public is one of, "cradle to grave" entitlements. Just like the Socialists in the Soviet Union. But look behind the curtain for the real intent of the "ends justifies the means" and you have the true picture of ugly policies. One of which is confiscation of the fruits of our labor by the force of government. As well as the embracing of "moral relativism" where there are no absolutes of right or wrong. The problem with this, is "they see the world not as it is, but as they want it to be. And annoying questions about moral absolutes and unacceptable behavior are usually left unanswered. As we stare at the portrait, it becomes increasingly disfigured by so called "good intentions." And we all know where the road of good intentions can lead us.

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