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Meet the Honorable Jose Carranza:
Mayor, Governor, Congressman, Judge and President

Guest Commentary by John Armor

Meet the Honorable Jose Carranza:
Mayor, Governor, Congressman, Judge and President

[BB Odd 561, 21 August 2007, 803 words]

Two possible candidates for President have written on this subject before me. I'm aware of their contributions. I won't name them; their publicity is their business. I had decided to write my own take on this subject as soon as I heard about the Newark murders.

Mr. Carranza has just pleaded not guilty to the execution-style murders of three young men in Newark, New Jersey, and to the attempted murder of the sister of one of the slain men. She survived. She identified him. That,his fingerprint at the scene, plus the fact that two of his juvenile accomplices have turned state's evidence, means it is 99.9% sure that this man did it, and that he will be convicted.

Why did I call him "Mayor, Governor, Congressman, Judge and President"? Carranza is never going to be elected or appointed to any such position. In fact, despite the best efforts of the New Jersey establishment, his only achieved high position will probably be a seat in that state's electric chair. But what he stands for is already in all of those positions.

Carranza is an illegal alien from Peru, who snuck into the US. He has been repeatedly arrested, for serious and vicious crimes. But due to a series of failures at the local, state and federal level, he was loose, on the streets, in the US, and able to commit these crimes. And the political attitudes which allowed these murders to occur ARE present in the President of the United States, a majority of the Senators, a substantial number of the Members of Congress, and a sadly large number of Governors of states, Mayors of cities, including the Mayor of Newark who now proclaims that "Enough is enough," and says "We shouldn't play politics with this situation."
Whenever any politician says, "Don't play politics with [whatever]," that really means, don't hold me to account for my own mistakes. And, what about the judges? Well, so far two federal judges, one near Hazleton, Pennsylvania, and the other near Farmer's Branch, Texas, have ruled that those two city councils don't have the right to pass laws to protect their citizens from being robbed, raped, murdered, by illegal aliens, inside theirown towns.

All of these politicians, and judges, have blood from Carranza's hands, on their hands. And as long as Congress, state legislatures, and cities fail to act, there will be more blood on more hands. The most obvious blood willbe on the hands of city leaders who welcome the invasion of illegals -like Los Angeles and New Haven, for example.

Before we talk about the apparent murderer, we should talk about the valuable lives that were thrown away in a Newark schoolyard.

Terrance Aeriel, Dashon Harvey, Iofemi Hightower were killed. Aerial's sister Natasha, was shot, but survived.

Who were these young men?

They were the future of Newark, and of our nation. They had beaten the odds. In a city where a majority of students drop out rather than graduate, they graduated.

In a city were a small fraction of students go to college, all had gotten into Delaware State College. As others said, "they were good kids."

In a city where crime is rife among young black men, they had no criminal records, no involvement in drinking, drugs or gangs. Two of them were involved in the College's marching band. Friends from elementary school days, they'd been in bands before - the discipline and the involvement gave their lives purpose.

Some of them worked with other teenagers at a youth center. One was about to graduate with a degree in psychology. By any measure, these were fine young people.

These are the lives that were wiped out in an instant.

Shot in the backs of their heads as they knelt against a wall in a schoolyard near their homes.Petty robbery was the apparent motive for the killings, though an even worse motive may come out later.

The apparent leader of the gang that killed these men, Jose Carranza, had been previously arrested for 31 counts of rape against a 5-year-old girl, and threats to murder her parents if they testified against him. He had also been arrested for a bar fight. He carried a fake Social Security card.

His most recent arrest was for the rapes. He was not given a bail high enough to keep him off the streets. Newark authorities didn't bother to inform Immigration about this defendant who faced charges that would justifydeportation, if proven.

This is not an isolated event. Every week there are reports of Americans dying at the hands of illegal aliens. This slaughter will continue until cities, states, and the nation begin to act effectively to end this reign ofdeath. Until then, Jose Carranza IS your President, Governor, Congressman, Mayor and Judge.

- 30 -
About the Author: John Armor practiced in the US Supreme Court for 33 years.

He lives in the 11th District of North Carolina.
- 30 -

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