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I'd like to welcome Carolina Stompers to the internet, and if the above video is any indication of their future contributions to the marketplace of ideas in Buncombe County and western North Carolina, then hang on to your hat!

It no loner seems as lonely as it once was, and if my email is any indication, there will be more conservative websites joining the fold before too long.

Here is brief sneak peek at some the stories and events they plan to cover:

1. Democrat corruption in the Buncombe County Court House
2. Rumors of RINO's wanting to throw out loyal Republicans
3. Carolina Stompers raise money for Republican Canidates
4. Carolina Stompers educate public about what Republicans stand for
5. Blogs from the team Chad Nesbitt / Nancy Nesbitt / Don Yelton /
Zora Hays / Senator RL Clark / Pastor Lewis / NC State Rep John Rhodes
6. "LIVE" Talk Radio "The Citizens Speaks" www.ugsmusic.com
7. Why Republicans fight drugs -
Support CARL MUMPOWER (Asheville City Councilman)
8. STOMP out the liberals with "LIVE" debates
9. "Politicle Problem Solving Department"
10. Why we do what we do. "The problem with the BCGOP leadership"
11. The National Black Republican Association
12. "WHATCH OUT!" The Elephants Are Coming!
BC Stompers take it to the streets!

Upcoming Events

2010 Macon County Fair
Sept 15-29, 2010
Macon County Fairgrounds in Franklin, NC



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