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Second Bilingual Health Fair

Second Bilingual Health Fair
First Presbyterian Church
Church Street, Franklin, NC
Sat 10 am - 2.30 pm

This is the First presbyterian Church where the fair was held.

Church Auditorium.
There were many health-Related exhibits along the perimeter of the auditorium, most of them geared toward children, and a few toward their mothers. All exhibits were in English and Spanish.

Here is a Video of a performance, and a pan and scan of the audience, and most notably one of the displays.
Video Length 3 minutes. Size 55.35 MB.
*Note--I can't get the video to play at the library.
Problem solved, it requires Flash Player 8 or greater to play.

The display is geared toward pregnancy, with services offered 'gratis', and abortion referrals. Notice a shot of a booklet about RU-486 next to a basketful of candy.

Here is another crowd shot.

Click Here to see a full-size display from the Macon County Health Dept.

There were approximately 150 people who attended the event up until 12.20 pm according to one of the volunteers, who noted that last year, there had been three times as many by this time. When I asked her what she thought the reasons were, she said that the event hadn't been well advertised.

About half the attendees were children under about 12 or so, and nearly all were involved in the activities or watching the performances on the stage.

This is called "The Old Man Dance," and I shot it up front, and it ends on the stage, where I get a quick shot of the crowd.
Video Lenght: 1 Min 46 Sec Size: 32.66 MB

This was a practice run for me so I can be better prepared for more serious events in the future as we deal with the impact of this mostly Illegal Mass Migration into our area of the state. We need to start training more Citizen Activists to go to these events, and be prepared to spread the word about what is going on before our very eyes!!!

Feel free to download and share any of these photos or videos, with the small request that you refer back to this blog as the source, because I wanna grow up to be big blog one day!!!
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Thunder Pig

Okay, here are the other photos, via a Slide Show. Enjoy! If you have a comment or question, feel free to click on comments below this post, choose other, and leave a first name or screen name.
Thank You.


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