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Duane 'Dog' Chapman Needs Your Help

I have never watched his show.
All I need to know is that he is an American Citizen under danger of being extradicted to Mexico for bringing a slimebag richboy back to America to face justice.
Too bad the U.S. Marshals wasted resources bringing him in, when they should have been in Mexico following 'Dog' The Bounty Hunters' lead.

This may be the Elian Gonzales moment
of the Bush Adminstration.

I am not one to present a plea for help without giving you the means to help, so here goes:

The ALIPAC Focus Campaign: Help Duane 'Dog' Chapman Avoid Extradiction!

I have also gathered Intell from The Blogosphere so you can see what others are saying:

Technorati Search: Blogs With A Lot Of Authority (A Lot of Bloggers Read THEIR Blogs)

Ice Rocket Blog Search: Duane 'Dog' Chapman (will perform a new search when you click.

And here is a neat trend I thought you'd like to see: "Illegal Aliens" Blogging Trend Search

And if filling out an email is too time consumiong, Call 1-202-345-1111. That is The White House Comment Line, and on most weekdays between 9am-5pm Eastern Time, you won't have to wait more than ten minutes. So send that email!

Hat Tip: Kathy L.

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