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I am a libertarian.

I am officially registered as an Unaffiliated voter.

I did not choose to be Unaffiliated. I am an involuntarily disenfranchised libertarian who is forced by the state of NC to select Unaffiliated as my party. I was not given the option of registering under the party of my choice.

And that happens to be true for anyone that does not choose to register as either Democrat or Republican.

Unaffiliated voters are not nonpartisan. They are libertarians, they are Greens, they are Constitutionalists, they are socialists, etc. who have been dumped into this category of Unaffiliated.

Democrats and Republicans may not agree on a number of public policy issues but the one thing DO agree on is that they are committed to resisting giving up their consolidated political power and allowing ANY third party to be legitimately represented in the political arena.

And if I could, I would vote for a Libertarian Party candidate over a candidate from another party because that would genuinely reflect my fidelity to my personal political beliefs, regardless of whether or not that candidate has a chance of winning.

To do otherwise would be dishonest and deceptive.

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