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Rational, Intelligent Dialogue

The chorus of illegal alien supporters who claim that they want to "dialogue" is growing.

The Action Club accepts their offer.

“What we need right now is rational, intelligent dialogue about this issue.” -Edna Campos

"What then must we do? We must first say, publicly and strongly, that the solution to this problem will not be found in finger-pointing, stereotyping and scapegoating. Those dark tendencies have no place in rational debate around public policy." -Rev. Steve Runholdt

"What we need instead is an honest, ethical, measured and respectful discussion about how best to work out this important and complex issue of immigration reform." -Rev. S.F. James Abbott

"Owen Knapp who opposes what [the Action Club is] doing and wants to talk to someone in the Club" -Bill Lack

"In light of the recent media attention focusing on the billboards in Asheville that targets illegal immigrants, I am wondering if it would be useful for us to have a dialogue about developing a proactive and positive response that we could present to the media in an effort to turn around the negative and punitive attention this has generated in our community." -Debbie Braese, Catholic Social Services

"I'm OUTRAGED!" -Devon Stockard

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