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When calculating the cost of the 90-Day Free Transit, include in your calculations:

-- Free food at the kickoff event
-- Free fares
-- Free gas for the buses
-- Free wages for bus drivers
-- Free maintenance for buses
-- Free loudspeaker equipment set up at the kickoff event
-- Free Vinyl banners hanging at the bus depot
-- Free promotional posters promoting the program
-- Free postage for mass mailing of promotional materials
-- Free handout literature promoting the program
-- Free quarter-page print ads in the papers.
-- Free full-color "Ride-for-Free" bus maps
-- Free 90-day "Ride-for-Free" logos painted on the side of buses
-- Free re-painting of buses at the conclusion of the free 90 days

It's called marketing. Asked any successful company how they feel about it.

Whose money would a successful company spend in such a marketing campaign?

Successful companies market products that people might actually want. That is, they try to respond to an actual need in the marketplace.

Unlike city council, they are not engaged in behavior modification using taxpayer money.

Hooray trying to get more riders on the public transit system. Too many people in their cars on the roads of Asheville.

I am not sure from what he writes if Tim Peck is for or against the public transportation in Asheville. I get the impression that he doesn't like it for some reason. Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

> I am not sure from what he writes if
> Tim Peck is for or against the
> public transportation in Asheville.

I am for individual liberty and against government interference in the marketplace.

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