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City Council on Illegal Immigration

I'd like to comment on our city council's response to Dr. Mumpower's presentation at the council meeting on August 15, 2006, proposing that the City of Asheville take a few reasonable steps toward reversing the crisis of illegal migration into our region; specifically:

1) ICE Training for APD
2) Detain and Transfer Illegals
3) Sanction Knowing Employers of Illegals

Council member Freeborn said, "If there is a program our chief thinks we should be participating in, that's fine. I don't see him asking for that." And the rest of city council basically sat there staring into space or making craven, defeatist remarks, signaling their utter indifference on the matter.

In my opinion, the majority on city council is basically saying: "We, as elected city council members are unwilling to take any leadership role in enforcing federal prohibitions against illegal migration into this region unless and until our Police Chief Hogan feels that it's important; if Chief Hogan ever does come to think it's important, THEN we'll consider HIS detailed recommendations."

I will be happy then to see our "progressive" city council follow Chief Hogan's lead. Although, that may happen closer to Election Day.

I believe that Police Chief Hogan, and many others who are indifferent now, WILL someday come to feel that prohibition against criminal migration into this region is a very important law enforcement issue, as well as a valid moral issue, and WILL begin to take steps to reverse their gross negligence in a matter that has risen to crisis levels and launched a thousand grassroots campaigns nationally.

Freeborn concluded his deliberations resignedly saying, "Currently, I'm not supportive of any of the [three] initiatives brought forward by Councilman Mumpower."

If this continues to be the view of the majority on city council, we may need to quite quickly find citizens to take their place who are genuinely concerned about national sovereignty and security, the rule of law, and the quality of life in Western North Carolina.

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