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Survival Kit Problems

When I set out to post the contents of my Get Home Pack in the light of Katrina, realization came to me that I was also woefully unprepared despite my pride that had told me otherwise.

My kit was a dufflebag that contained a change of clothes, energy bars, a six-pack of 1/2 litre water bottles, Very Important Papers and associated 4-gallon trash bags for disposal of such usage.

My 1st ais kit contained some band-aids, a gauze roll and battle dressing, and an anti-bacterial hand cleanser.

I had a rain coat, small 4X6 blue tarp, some 50' roll of clothesline, and topo maps covering the anticipated journey from work to home...over 30 miles by highway, or if pressed, 16 over rough terrain. An empty box of matches , and a missing flashlight...later found in my bedroom.

So, inventory thus taken, I did what came naturally, and found other things to occupy my time when not at work or recovering from work. Rita served as my second warning, which I will heed. Really. I will.

I guess I could be awarded some points for having some things, but the fact that they were in a heavy dufflebag results in negative points due to its liability in transport.

In the next post, I will lay out my philosophy for my Get Home Pack.

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